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The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit to be held in Dublin’s Mansion House of 14th June

Digital Marketing

OnThursday, 14th June 2018, a gathering termed the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit will be held at the famous Mansion House, Ireland. Thiswill be a gathering of digital marketing professionals from the public sector. It will be will be carried out to examine how the public sector of Ireland is developing digitally by making its in-house staff use social media and digital communication for marketing.

The summit will help Ireland’s public sector agency to perform their best in the digital market across the world. The professionals may learn about basic and important trends, practical takeaways as well as the tips such as various dealings from the summit. This is an important event where you will witness the unison of innovative leaders, government sector experts as well as journalists for debates, individual keynotes,and case studies.

Who can benefit from this event? The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit will provide useful insights to the marketers, managers, Public or Government sector experts, social media and communication staffs, Local authorities, Non-commercial State Agencies, Health Service as well as Local Enterprise offices to reinforce their marketing efforts.

The key personalities of the event are:

  1. Joanne Sweeney-Burke, the CEO of Digital Training Institute and organizer of the summit
  2. Sharon Campbell, the Deputy Head of Communications, Trinity College, Dublin
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