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Survey Finds Many Irish Businesses Don’t Have Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

An Irish communications agency, Springboard PR & Marketing, claims that one-third of Irish businesses do not have a digital marketing strategy. As there is no clear marketing strategy among the Irish companies and businessmen, they will not experience a great return on investment in promoting their content.

Springboard PR & Marketing conducted a national index survey that included over 400 Irish business professionals, business owners, senior management, and marketing personnel. They also launched their new digital content framework named as Spring3. Spring3 is all about providing digital campaigns for Irish businesses and companies. The survey also revealed that 22% of respondents admit that they are unaware if their organization has a digital marketing strategy or not.

Even though most companies and businessmen do not have a clear digital marketing strategy, they admit that they look forward to promoting their content via social media, websites, and reviews as well as paid promotions. The people are aware that digital marketing can do wonders for their business. But, factors like a shortage of trained staff become a hurdle in their digital marketing strategies and thus they still think about making digital marketing a priority.

The survey also revealed statistics, according to which, Facebook is the most used platform for creating a profile by Irish businesses. Facebook contributes 75% of it, followed by Twitter (68%), LinkedIn (61%) and Instagram (41%). However, only 39% of them actually use LinkedIn for sharing posts and engaging with others. Most of the people found digital marketing helpful for contributing to the promotion of their products and services.

The managing director of Springboard PR & Marketing, Susie Horgan claims that almost one-fourth of the respondents never monitor their digital marketing analytics. She believes that digital marketing is necessary in order to achieve defined business goals and marketing objectives.

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