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The Top Customer Engagement Strategies for 2022

The changing business landscape and technology evolution need marketers to rethink their customer engagement strategies. How should we embrace this shift?
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Now that your customers are engaging with your business using new digital methods such as push notifications, chatbots, and interactive content, marketing engagement strategies must go through an overhaul.

It’s the engagement economy. Most brands are investing in design and content. You got to do something more to stand out in the crowd- and you won’t get there without impactful customer engagement.

As marketers and tech leaders, we must optimize brand touchpoints, build trust & authority, and increase customer satisfaction. Here’s how to do it right!

Customer Journey and Customer Engagement Platform (CEP)

Engagement technologies have paved the way for new marketing opportunities. Brands need a thorough understanding of customer journey maps to comprehend customer behavior across different touchpoints. The sophisticated analysis will empower marketers to create the right Marcom strategies and deliver a relevant experience.

A CEP makes this possible by unifying and integrating all customer communication in one place. It also helps marketers make more informed decisions in terms of user engagement.

“With a customer engagement platform, you meet your customers where they are and glean crucial customer insights.”

Marketers now need to adopt an omnichannel strategy to create personalized conversations on channels their customers prefer. Digital customer engagement is a rage. But if your customers prefer an offline channel in addition to online channels, you should be focusing on both.

Customer Engagement: Solutions, Goals, and Measurement

There are various stages in the B2B buying journeys, resulting in different marketing goals. With new tech tools entering the market at a breakneck speed, you must take stock of the software to assess if it meets your needs and is worth the investment.

Create a conversational messaging strategy, implementation plans, and key metrics to measure performance for each channel. Visualize the end result of these customer engagement strategies. What are the key benefits? How will you prove the ROI?

The customer engagement strategies should be aligned with your marketing goals. What do you want to achieve? Should the email click rate be up by X percent? Or are you striving to increase the MQLs by Y percent?

Marketing with Purpose- Tell your story 

You can’t fake purpose. Build genuine customer relationships and create content that strikes a chord in your audience’s hearts. Leverage the power of storytelling.

“As humans, our decisions don’t depend on or get swayed by just facts. Emotions run the show.”

We need a narrative. But you can’t just tell a story; you have to live that story. Modern marketers can’t keep asking for customers’ time- they need to earn it. Create compelling stories that make your audience stop in their tracks, pay attention, and drive engagement.

 In the end 

The tools and strategies you use for boosting customer engagement need to be customer-centric in the first place. It can never be about how you want to engage your customers. It’ll always be about how your customers want to be engaged.

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