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Top 5 CRM Software for Small Business

In today's Customer-centric world, CRM has evolved as a crucial software, so Martech Cube is here with the list of top 5 CRM software for small business
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No matter what type of business you are in, your ultimate goal is the same that is satisfied customers.

But how can you possibly achieve your goal and satisfy your customers if you don’t even know who they are and what exactly they want?

This is the place where customer relationship management (CRM) comes into the picture.

CRM helps businesses in better understanding their customers’ requirements and needs on an individual level.

The ability to track customer interactions and analyze that data is completely revolutionary, particularly in an age where customers crave a personalized customer experience.

This type of data-driven approach to brand relationships is still relatively new, though. Some entrepreneurs might still think of CRM as little over spreadsheets on steroids, but CRM is much more than that.

CRM hasn’t always been the powerful, stand-alone software that so many businesses depend on today. Over the past few decades, it has evolved out of a variety of other marketing and business programs. In the last couple of years, CRM has evolved far beyond being just a martech tool for contact management, even though that is still a core function that it offers, but the CRM presently has something for each team and individual in your organization.

The Importance of CRM for Small Businesses

CRM empowers businesses to build a relationship with their customers that, in return, creates loyalty and customer retention Since customer loyalty and revenue are qualities that have an impact on the revenue of a company, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a company.

At its core, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool gives birth to a simple user interface for a collection of data that helps businesses in identifying and communicating with customers in a scalable manner.

Customer relationship management is simple, but, it can be implemented in a huge arrangement of methods like websites, social media, chat, mail, email, telephone calls, and numerous marketing materials that can all be integrated into a CRM solution.

If you are the owner of a small business, there are several ways a CRM tool can benefit your bottom line, check out our top five,

–       Client Management

–       Profitability Tracking

–       Customer Service Improvement

–       Sales Strategy

–       Increase Customer Retention

Top 5 CRM Software to Consider

  • Zoho

Zoho CRM provides an all-in-one solution for small businesses with a set of powerful features of sales and marketing to boost productivity and sales. Marketing teams can organize contacts, market their brand, manage sales pipelines, offer customer support solutions, and do much more than that with Zoho. The cloud-based solution gets easily integrated with other martech tools that are commonly used, offering a smooth flow of customer data.

The detailed reporting, team collaboration tools, multichannel contact management, and in-built security measures make it a great pick for small businesses looking to implement an efficient CRM system.

  • HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a completely free CRM small business solution that enables businesses in organizing, tracking, and nurturing leads and customers. It looks to automate tasks your sales team doesn’t like such as record all customer interactions and make pipeline management a cinch by speeding up the sales process for your company.

In the HubSpot CRM dashboard, you can easily access each and every contact and their personal information in one convenient location. Adding contacts to your HubSpot CRM is also very easy with the help of WPForms and our Zapier addon. It is a great tool for everyone from startups to enterprises.

  • Drip

Drip is the leading eCommerce CRM platform, but it is also a great CRM tool for small businesses. It is powerful and has a beautiful interface, and is very user-friendly for any business.

This CRM makes it easy to construct automation workflows and email marketing campaigns. You even have the choice of developing your email with a visual builder or text builder, and both the options are really easy.

Drip also offers easy list segmentation, content customization, conversion tracking, purchase intent marketing, etc. With tags, events, and custom fields brands can learn and track everything that they need about their customers’ stories.

  • Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the most powerful email marketing services that have all the features every marketer requires to serve as a complete CRM, too.

Sendinblue is a great option for all-size businesses as you can begin for free and then upgrade as your business grows. They offer reliable email delivery, automation, email marketing, transactional emails for eCommerce, smart segmentation, etc.

Unlike most of the other CRMs, they also have SMS marketing and chat. SMS marketing is an impressive tactic that can instantly boost sales and customer engagement. Their live chat solution empowers you to connect with customers and leads in real-time.

  • Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a sales management tool that helps small businesses in managing the sales process after gathering leads with Zapier addon. It is designed to enhance sales without being too complicated to utilize, so it is very easy to set up and learn.

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