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Top 5 digital marketing myths

(Exploring the operative myths of digital marketing in the martech arena)
Top 5 digital marketing myths

Digital Marketing has a plethora of material online and there is absolutely no dearth of ways to revamp your digital marketing strategy. However, the market is full of digital marketing myths and digital marketing, on the whole, is lately being known for a tinsel town based on fads.  

The main reason behind this might the least restricted entry points, as a result, every second person claims to be an expert in the same. Almost every amateur with a laptop and an internet connection are calling themselves a “digital marketer” all of a sudden.

Let us quickly explore and bust some of the most common myths surrounding the arena:

1)  Digital Marketing results requires a plethora of Martech tools

Just because the Martech landscape is at its prime does not mean that for forming even the basic promotional strategies we require a bunch of martech tools. Infact overburdening your stack with a lot of tools clutters your stack and decreases the proficiency and optimization of your stack. Also, the key to successful digital marketing lies in the selection of one martech tool to qualify for all purposes. 

2)  Word-of-mouth is the key to success

There are aspects in consideration wherein word-of-mouth is necessary and even beneficial, however, taking that as the only mode of promotion which is beneficial is not right. Word-of-mouth helps on a massive scale only when the content is worth it. Trying to promote meaningless and bad quality content is going to reap no benefits. 

3) Backlinks are the prime source of enhancing site quality

Backlinks have always been an integral tactic for SEO. Back in the days when backlinks were an integral source of marketing, marketers used link-scheming to pave their way to the top of the game.  However, in Today’s digital marketing environment, Google has actually started to penalize sites which are carrying out these techniques. The truth is there is no one way to predict Google algorithm, Google keeps changing its algorithm every 2-3 days almost. The advice that should be a stickler in this scenario is to create valuable content and use relevant catchphrases and keywords that your potential customer must be searching for.

4)  Blogging is not for business

Blogging is most of the times mistaken to be only for hobby or for the passion of writing articles. It is neglected as a core medium of garnering online attention and simultaneous momentum for your business. Blogging for business is currently being considered as the best option not only for optimizing your page with SEO guidelines but also for showing the quality of your services through the content that you are hosting. Content is indeed being the ruling king of the marketing arena in the current times.

5) Multiple Social media postings

It is a commonly circulated myth that posting multiple times in a day will help you engage your followers. This also succeeds in the analysis that your followers should constantly be given the bait in the form of your content to keep them hooked. This myth also gets intertwined with the social media algorithm myth. 

Firstly, social media channels have such range and diversity in their algorithm that we might never be able to predict it. Moreover, even if we are aptly able to predict this algorithm, it stays the same for hardly any time. The algorithms keep changing every few days. It is not always about the hashtags and flooding social media posts. 


Digital marketing really holds a lot of stamina in changing the face of any brand or individual provided it comes with a proper hypothesis and study. We have to understand that digital marketing is actually about the research of what is working and what is not working and testing trends out. It is not all about blindly following a particular trend that gains maximum traction. The strategy that is being tried should be modified and revamped frequently to garner maximum results. Once digital marketing joins hands with intense research then there is absolutely no stopping.


    Chandrima Samanta
    Content-Editor at MartechCube
    Chandrima is a Content management executive with a flair for creating high quality content irrespective of genre. She believes in crafting stories irrespective of genre and bringing them to a creative form. Prior to working for MartechCube she was a Business Analyst with Capgemini.

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