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Top launches customer voting platform

Topvote app is a direct-to-consumer voting app, which helps organizations in delivering better a customer experience
Top launches customer voting platform

An advertising software company, Top Inc., announced the launch of their direct-to-consumer voting app, Topvote. Topvote partners with brands like E. & J. Gallo Winery, Priceline, and others, to collect user-generated content and consumer feedback on what consumers think is the best.

The Topvote engagement platform, built by Top Inc. incentivizes consumers to participate with advertising and opt-in to sharing data in return for winning rewards or recognition. The Topvote app for iOS (Android coming shortly), crowdsources who should win the “top vote” in all kinds of categories. Unlike other media platforms, the entries and voting are open and visible to everyone, regardless of connections. People can follow where the results stand in real-time. The app can personalize the content to each user, and also power private voting or competitions between friends.

Topvote gives Priceline the opportunity for people to submit pictures to them of their favorite summer vacation, in exchange for a chance to win hotel discounts. Other prizes could be brand gift cards, cash, or other recognition from the brand, like a chance to be featured in their marketing. For some competitions, it’s just the chance to be recognized as being the best at something, and voted by peers, instead of a publication or one person’s opinion.

CEO of Top, Will Cohen said that Marketers want to collect opt-in, first-party data, and consumers want a direct voice with brands. As the IAB has recognized, opt-in, value-exchange advertising is quickly becoming a trusted format that provides true value and appeal for consumers. Our platform makes it simple for consumers to participate in personalized competitions and voting campaigns. We can also extend these campaigns into any other form of media to drive scale. We want to give people a voice and to feel recognized for their talent and content. Topvote provides a way to do this.

Top, Inc’s primary business is in powering technology for marketers to engage with consumers in their media, whether it’s a marketer’s website or within a paid ad placement. For example, Top and Lightbox OOH Video Network, created an interactive voting campaign on the most popular summer fashion trends of 2019, running across 4,000 video screens, in 300 malls nationally. Mall shoppers across the country see the campaign on large video screens within these shopping malls. Votes are tallied in real-time and automatically displayed for the voter. Participants are also entered into a chance to win a $500 gift card to shop at the mall. Topvote provides Lightbox with the opt-in data, and additional highly valuable shopper insights on them, such as consumer location, demo, household income, and purchase behavior.

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