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Totaligent Reaches Major Artificial Intelligence Milestone

Testing for Nvidia Super Cluster Ahead of Schedule and Complete

Totaligent, Inc. (“Totaligent” or “the Company”) (OTCPK: TGNT) announces it has completed testing of its scalable Nvidia clusters and has started to build a super cluster, with 2.4 Terabytes of GPU ram and 18 Terabytes of system ram. Totaligent’s new supercomputer will allow the Company’s Artificial Intelligence to deliver nearly instantaneous data processing and modeling for its person-based digital marketing platform.

“Having the power and speed to deliver near real-time results when building target audiences from billions of records for customers is critical to Totaligent’s success and acceptance in the person-based digital marketing world. Now, when we append large datasets that used to take days to process, our AI completes the task in about a minute. The combination of data, speed, and a complete set of easy-to-use marketing tools, at an affordable price, will enable Totaligent to provide unparalleled results for its users upon the launch of its integrated digital platform,” stated Ted DeFeudis, CEO.

Person-based digital marketing is a critical component of efficient modern business and is highly valued in both strong and weak economic environments, due to its ability to precisely connect with a company’s ideal audience. Efficiencies in engagement, tracking and real-time performance monitoring allow businesses to tailor awareness campaigns for the greatest return-on-investment. Totaligent is expected to launch the Beta version of its person-based digital marketing platform to the public, this winter.

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