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Upwave Announces Strategic Partnership With Tremor Video

Tremor Video Measured Close to 100 Campaigns in 2022 on the Upwave Platform, Ensuring Best-in-Class Accuracy and Tracking with Automated Features

Upwave, the leading analytics platform for brand advertising, today announced a new strategic partnership with Tremor Video, a DSP within Tremor International’s end-to-end technology platform that helps advertisers deliver impactful brand stories across all screens through the power of innovative video technology. Under the partnership, Tremor Video has access to Upwave’s Brand Outcomes measurement capabilities, real-time brand analytics dashboards with optimization recommendations, and audience verification tools.

With Upwave, Tremor Video has been able to efficiently measure and maximize brand advertising across their campaigns by utilizing Upwave’s automated technology features, including a new Automated Discrepancy Detection (ADD) capability. This feature gives Tremor Video on-demand access to QAing tags to ensure they’re measuring as intended. ADD reports refresh regularly and surface issues—and successes—quickly and efficiently.

“Slow detection of tagging issues is an industry-wide issue, and leads to inaccurate measurement. Advertisers want proof their measurement is precise and error-free,” said Chris Kelly, CEO of Upwave. “Helping customers do so in an efficient, software-first, manner was imperative to us at Upwave.”

“As our end-to-end platform evolves to meet the omnichannel and video measurement needs of advertisers, a major priority is cutting-edge ad measurement to best enable media planning, buying and optimization,” said Alexandra Dean, Senior Director, Global Partnerships & Strategy, Tremor International. “Upwave’s flexibility and strong customer support helps ensure that our clients benefit from actionable audience and creative insights they can leverage to optimize their campaigns on a regular basis.”

Tremor Video has been using Upwave’s Automated Discrepancy Detection to help improve operational efficiency and reduce complexities for an estimated 100 campaigns in 2022, and believes continued use in 2023 will yield further benefits. With less manual time spent on set-up and tracking, this technology allows Tremor Video to spend a greater percentage of time comparing the performance of tactics, optimizing them, and maximizing outcomes on behalf of their clients.

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