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Vymo Releases Comprehensive Guide to Sales Engagement

The report explains how contextual customer insights through a single pane of glass can drive sales productivity bottom-up.

Vymo, the Gartner-recognized sales engagement platform of choice for financial service institutions, has released a new report on how banks & insurance companies empower their workforces with insights & data to solve complex customer problems. With more than 300,000 sellers using Vymo, the guide captures the depth of sales engagement and how it can help a sales organization improve sales effectiveness bottom-up.

While the pandemic accelerated the digitization of customer interactions and internal operations, FSIs need to be faster in adopting new technology. Customers expect the same one-tap experience and convenience from their banks and insurance providers as they do with the likes of Uber, Netflix & Doordash. Yet, the average sales rep spends just 23% of their time interacting with customers – less than what they spend on admin tasks.

Companies like Berkshire Hathaway, AIA, BNP Paribas, and Generali have deployed Vymo to capture customer engagement activities automatically, removing the need for manual sales reporting. Integrating with core systems, Vymo offers a 360-degree view of the customer to the agent, so he/she has a complete understanding of his/her needs. The ‘Comprehensive Guide to Sales Engagement’ serves as a checklist for enterprises transitioning from experience and intuition-based selling to data-driven selling – merging their sales process, applications, data, and analytics into a single pane of glass.

Rajesh Sabhlok, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Vymo, says, “Selling is as much an art as it is a science. Today’s sellers need both of these to come together and deliver intelligent insights that can engage a customer through the sales lifecycle and deliver an unbeatable value proposition. Vymo’s sales engagement guide serves as a primer to enterprises wanting to deepen their understanding of sales engagement.”

As people become more cautious about where they are investing their savings and earnings, adopting predictive technologies will play a key role in helping incumbents transform their agents into trusted advisors to their customers.

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