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What Online Retailers Can Do To Protect Customer Data-Firewall

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Data breaches, ransomware, and cyber security failures have plagued innocent customers who are just trying to make a holiday purchase. It’s the responsibility of all companies but especially online retailers to protect their customers against all cyber threats. This starts with recognizing the challenges ahead and committing to invest time and money into creating solutions. In today’s modern world, most online retailers can improve their cyber security capabilities by committing to these 3 simple tasks.

  • Complete a “Threat Detection Audit”
  • Invest in additional equipment & intrusion prevention systems
  • Update network policies to keep up with an ever changing cyber environment

Complete a “Threat Detection Audit”
To understand where vulnerabilities exist, cyber security audits must take place. If completed, the results will identify areas in which online retailers can fortify their position against online threats. Most often results will point to a lack in infrastructure or implementation by the IT security team.

Invest in additional equipment & intrusion prevention systems
Hackers are evolving so it’s important to stay current with new security devices and software. By investing into additional equipment and prevention systems, online retailers are spending less upfront compared to suffering the catastrophic losses of comprising customer data or being victim to ransomware. Visit to discover what new technologies exist to prevent data breaches and ransomware.

Update network policies to keep up with an ever changing cyber environment
A company’s network environment is constantly changing. User privileges, network policies, system communications, and more should as well. We’ve seen too many data breaches happen because a network environment has turned stale. For the best results, review these rules at least once a month or move to a zero trust security environment.

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