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WISMOlabs, PARCLL Partners for Better Customer Experience

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Ecommerce retailers can now give shoppers a better post purchase experience with the new partnership between WISMOlabs’ post purchase experience platform and PARCLL’s ecommerce shipment solution.

“WISMOlabs and PARCLLs partnership is a great win for ecommerce retailers,” says WISMOlabs CEO and Founder Dmitri Rassadinke. “PARCLL and WISMOlabs customers both rely on effective carrier and shipment tracking to drive revenue and growth.” PARCLL’s simple solution for fully tracked shipments for domestic and cross border parcel deliveries, and the excellent post-purchase experience and branded tracking that WISMOlabs offers, will provide ecommerce retailers with the best customer experience possible.

“PARCLL is extremely excited to integrate with another best-in-class digital platform that enhances our customers overall experience” said Vincent D’Amato, Head of Sales & Strategic Alliances at PARCLL.

The WISMOlabs and PARCLL partnership strengthens the full ecommerce customer journey. PARCLL’s strong capabilities help ecommerce clients drive growth through established shipping expertise with flexible and reliable delivery options.  WISMOlabs supports ecommerce retailers by increasing the life-time value of customers through exceptional post-purchase experience. PARCLL provides simple, economical and reliable solutions for order to delivery. With WISMOlabs, customers will be kept in-the-know via accurate delivery information, notifications, interactive maps, and personalized marketing solutions. With PARCLL, ecommerce customers can use the carrier system that customers benefit from, through scalability, diversification, agility and visibility in package deliveries. The partnership with WISMOlabs means that online retailers can now also give shoppers a greater global post-purchase experience, while giving them the full customer journey and exceptional shopping experience that customers expect globally.

Together, the beginning-to-end customer experience that only PARCLL and WISMOlabs offer together, means that customers can now expect their package to arrive as quickly and safely as possible with a carrier system while having a great post-purchase experience, offering the customer an exceptional eCommerce experience like no other.

This partnership is the perfect fit for ecommerce brands looking to have a solution that increases customer value, retention and sales. Combining the established global ecommerce shipping expertise with PARCLL that facilitates with WISMOlabs’ robust post-purchase customer engagement platform, improves customer value throughout the full funnel, and drives complete flexibility and reliable delivery to customers and offers full ownership of the customer lifecycle for brands. Get in touch to learn more about the benefits this partnership provides.

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