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Women’s History Month – Unlearning Branding and replacing it with Thoughtful Branding

Internet is flooded with Women's History Month marketing campaigns but Spotify sets a perfect example of how to be a responsible marketer.
Women’s History Month

With International Women’s day just ending and Women History Month going on with all the gusto that is needed, a marketing campaign surrounding the same is inevitable. With such glorious celebratory months and days, a marketing perspective is the need of the hour. And why shouldn’t it be? As a marketer, you need to wear multiple hats, juggle with assurance, and learn new platforms and channels very rapidly, all while maintaining your mastery of bringing ideas that are outside the box and keeping on top of trends. Many a time, you also need to be sensitive and have a social message along with an exceptional marketing idea.

Seasonal occasions give an opportunity for a seasonal marketing campaign, where occasions like Halloween and Christmas give you a chance to be a joyful marketer, events like Black History Month and Women History Month want you to be a responsible marketer with a social message that can bring change in the society.

Women History Month has started and almost all the marketing campaigns and social media pages of all the brands have turned pink. Every brand is trying to capture the attention of the women audience and enhance sales, but very few are doing it right, as this occasion is not only about marketing but marketing responsibly. One of the brands that are doing this perfectly is Spotify. Spotify recently launched a global campaign ‘Equal’ that is their commitment to women creators. This campaign is dedicated to fostering equity for women in the audio industry and also celebrating their contributions.

The announcement entailed that…

Spotify has launched a global campaign dedicated to achieving equity for women within audio and celebrating those that have made contributions to space. ‘Equal’ will shine a spotlight on women artists and podcast creators through a series of global partnerships, activations, and content experiences.

The music streaming service has launched the ‘Equal Hub’ globally to provide a dedicated space to highlight women creators and enable fans to easily stream their music and podcasts. Despite launching the hub now, Spotify says it will extend beyond the month of March.

Spotify is also featuring women on the playlist covers on more than 200 of its top playlists, including Today’s Top Hits, Viva Latino, and Modus Mio. And Spotify’s non-profit partners (Girls Make Beats, She’s The Music, Sound Girls, GLAAD, Color of Change, Women in Music, and Women’s Audio Mission) will create unique playlists highlighting women who are shaping the future of music.

On top of that, Spotify has debuted a music and talk show called ‘WOMN’ to share personal stories of creators, influencers, and cultural figures including Tokimonsta, Jenny Lorenzo, Spotify’s Dope Labs hosts, Titi Shodiya and Zakiya Whately, Celeste, Jazzmyne Robbins, and more.

Moreover, Spotify has set up an invite-only Equal’ board, which will be made up of 15 organizations from around the world, with the streaming service providing each a one-time grant. And, in April, Spotify will launch the ‘Equal music program’ in 50 countries.


Spotify is also celebrating top-streamed women artists and creators. This is exactly what we say marketing that empowers. Spotify is not only taking this opportunity to attract music lovers but also empowering women in the music industry globally. Such marketing ideas make a brand stand out from the crowd and also gain appreciation.

Brands who do responsible marketing with some important social message and also work for the social cause they are talking about don’t just gain popularity but also make loyal customer base Through their marketing and work, they also create tons of brand advocates that stand by the brand and for the brand and also promote a particular through positive word of mouth marketing. So, this women’s day, don’t just market for women, but also empower them.

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