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Xpressdocs Unveils State-of-the-Art Headquarters

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As Xpressdocs begins its 21st year in business, the company is pleased to officially introduce its new headquarters, a thoughtfully designed and constructed 245,000 square-foot facility. The space includes a software development lab, print production center, and in-house logistics, distribution, and corporate offices. This workspace upgrade is part of an investment in the continued quality of Xpressdocs products and services and a dedication to the success of its employees. The facility is more spacious and streamlined than the company’s previous office, and new equipment with the latest technology has been purchased for the expanded on-site production facility.

The new corporate office space has over 300 workspaces ready for the growth the company expects in 2022 and beyond. The office includes eleven large conference rooms, two large breakrooms, and three coffee bars accessible to employees. There are onsite wellness rooms, fully automated standing desks, and an onsite photo lab and studio.

“Our investment in a new office space is really an investment in our people,” comments Xpressdocs COO Darrin Rayner. “Our culture at Xpressdocs is strong, and we’re happy to support the further development of our team in our new, improved space.”

This investment is part of Xpressdocs’ goals for growth in 2022, in which the company plans to continue delivering high-quality marketing resources and materials for clients by investing in expanded printing capabilities, marketing automation, and marketing technology.

Expanded Production Capabilities

The new production facility has over 171 machines with nineteen purchased specifically for the new climate-controlled building, including new presses from HP, Xerox, and Heidelberg. These presses have expanded short-run, long-run, and variable printing capabilities, and are complemented by a dozen new pieces of finishing equipment to support an expanded line of products.

“We’re excited about the capabilities, such as automation, these machines bring to the long list of capabilities we already provide to clients,” comments Jed Richards, Vice President of PreMedia and Operations at Xpressdocs. “These machines will decrease the production time for customer orders and allow for more customization and personalization options for business cards, brochures, and the like.”

The new machines have ramped up Xpressdocs’ production abilities, allowed the company to work towards further competencies, and enabled the expansion of HIPPA Compliant production lines. The company’s commitment to sustainable outcomes also inspired the purchase of a new state-of-the-art baling system to manage paper waste, by which Xpressdocs recycles 1,000 tons of paper products each year.

Footage and images of the new facility can be viewed on the homepage of Xpressdocs’ recently refreshed website.

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