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Yaguara Launches ML-Powered Predictive Growth Management Platform

New tool aims to optimize growth for e-commerce brands
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Yaguara, a growth management platform that helps e-commerce teams confidently set and meet organizational goals, today announced its official brand launch. Reporting with aggregated, real-time data, Yaguara’s platform helps align and empower e-commerce teams to achieve business objectives and rapid growth. The first-of-its-kind platform operates like a fitness tracker for internal teams, using machine learning to promote cross-team visibility and report on progress toward set, company-wide performance goals.

“Setting and managing our growth goals has always been a high priority, but the tools we were using internally created more frustration than results. Yaguara has allowed us to seamlessly create the structure we have strived to build, while allowing us to focus on what matters, growing the company,” says Kristen Luppino, People Operations Manager at UrbanStems. “With Yaguara, we will be able to create a clear focus for teams and individuals, so all parties know what they are responsible for and how their performance affects the success and growth of the company as a whole.”

E-commerce companies use the Yaguara platform to drive the next phase of growth. From doubling Facebook traffic from 250,000 to 500,000 to optimizing cart conversions to be between 1.5-2 percent, Yaguara’s platform is able to define and assign quantifiable key results that teams should be working towards. By appointing specific goals to individuals or teams within a company, tracking real-time performance and displaying projected end results, Yaguara provides an end-to-end framework to monitor which KPIs are upcoming, on target, or behind.

“At Yaguara, one thing we quickly realized is that setting and measuring goals is harder than most companies think. There are tons of different frameworks, each accompanied with their own pros and cons,” says Yaguara CEO and Founder Jonathan Smalley. “We set out to demystify the process and take the guesswork out of goal-setting. Through ML-driven insights and tool integrations, our holistic platform can recommend company-wide objectives, assign tasks, present real-time performance, share predictive insights, and much more.”

About Yaguara
Yaguara is a leading e-commerce growth management platform that integrates with existing business tools and allows teams to confidently set and meet organizational goals. Reporting with aggregated, real-time data, Yaguara’s platform is a single solution that helps align and empower e-commerce teams to achieve business objectives and rapid growth. The Yaguara platform is trusted by more than 100 e-commerce companies.

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