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Yamini Bhat, CEO of Vymo, to Speak on Attracting Millennial Workforce in Insurance

Yamini is Co-founder & CEO of Vymo, a Series B Startup funded by Emergence Capital and Sequoia Capital that enables deskless sales teams to do more

Yamini Bhat, Co-Founder & CEO of Vymo, a Series B SaaS startup that works with 55+ large enterprises including Insurance leaders such as Aflac, AXA, Allianz, Generali, and Sumitomo, will be delivering the keynote address at the Emerging Leaders Conference, hosted by the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA), the Insurance Careers Movement (ICM), and credit rating agency, AM Best martech news.

Yamini will address the gathering on the 25th of February at 8:30 AM on ‘Attracting a Millennial Workforce in the Insurance Industry’.

The majority of advisers industry-wide within Financial Services at end-2017 were between 55 and 64 with only 9% under 35, according to Cerulli Associates, a leading global research firm. The numbers are further skewed within Insurance, with 90%+ of Insurance professionals due to being replaced in the next decade. But, the Insurance Industry has not been able to attract millennial talent martech.

  • Eight out of 10 millennials report having limited knowledge and understanding of the employment opportunities available within the insurance industry, according to a survey conducted by The Institutes.
  • 44 percent of millennials do not find a career in insurance interesting, as per Valen Analytics, despite the fact that insurance offers great opportunities to work in a variety of avenues: marketing, finance, data analysis, information technology, sales automation – all things that would seemingly appeal to them.

Yamini has led sales transformation programs and delivered impact for Fortune 100 companies and large-scale enterprises around the globe. She co-founded Vymo, an AI-based personal assistant for sales, in 2013 to help on-the-go sales teams be more productive with their time. Under her leadership, Vymo has led sales transformation and new technology implementation for companies like AXA, Generali, AIA, Allianz, and Aegon.

“A large majority of the current workforce in the insurance industry will be retiring by the end of this decade,” says Yamini. “Tech-savvy millennials who will be joining the industry will be expecting an extremely friction-free work environment.”

The Emerging Leaders Conference shines the spotlight on rising stars in the insurance industry. More than 100 professionals from the U.S. and overseas were selected as part of the 2020 class of “Emerging Leaders” and invited to attend the Emerging Leaders Conference in Austin on Feb. 25, 2020. (

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