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Zanroo Promotes Singapore’s Smart Nation Initiative at Gartner Digital Marketing Conference

Digital Marketing Conference

The Gartner Digital Marketing Conference was held in San Diego, California in May 2018. Zanroo, which is the fastest-growing marketing technology startup in Singapore participated in it and promoted the concept of smart nation initiative of Singapore. The company successfully exhibited the value of innovation and digital insight accessible in Southeast Asia with the help of cutting-edge technology.

Zanroo’s Founder and CEO Chitpol Mungprom revealed in a recent interview “Our vision is to truly be a global company, but our ideals remain steadily set in our Southeast Asian roots. At its core, Zanroo seeks to increase people’s understanding of the world around them and, in turn, empower them to connect with one another in profound and meaningful ways. During our conference, Zanroo turned to Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative as an illustrative example of the opportunities that businesses and brands have to engage with digital economies in this part of the world”

Currently, Zanroo is focusing on the launch of a social media intelligence tool that would help brands beyond Southeast Asia to garner social media insights for developing marketing strategies. The uniqueness of Zanroo lies in its ability to analyze multilingual data in more than 15 different countries. This would enable the clients to have a better understanding of engaging with their consumers.

Zanroo was founded in 2013 and since its inception, it has experienced impressive annual revenue growth. It has also received Series-A funding of an estimated USD$7.4 million. Zanroo is the first marketing technology company in Southeast Asian to receive ISO 27001 certification.

Mr Mungprom further added “Our growth continues to enable us to extend our impact into communities and provide our clients with sustainable strategic insights. We see an abundance of opportunity in Singapore to work with domestic businesses and the public sector on digital marketing strategy via the government’s SMEs Go Digital programme,” Zanroo is preparing to launch Arun, a fully open-API platform in Q4 of 2018 to provide the missing cross-channel link in marketing technology stacks. Currently, Zanroo is exploring the partnership with global leaders to enhance their existing portfolio.

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