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6 Steps for Marketers to Create a Better Customer Experience

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Thom Gruhler, CEO at Fijuri recently shared his thoughts on why companies need to adopt a holistic approach rather than tactical approach when it involves improving a customer experience.
Being a regular keynote speaker, Gruhler has continuously spoken on the opportunities and challenges marketers experience when they are tapping the right data — experience data vs. operational data — to model, predict and improve the customer experience.
He stated that CMOs are marketing experts now have a facility to separate the signal from the noise, the tapping of right data and technology is important in order to derive more outcomes, but also, which can contribute to highest line revenue growth and further he added that, at the tip of the day, the expertise you deliver is your brand, therefore any AI or automation you tap into better be pragmatic and add real value at the instant for the client.
As a follow-up, Gruhler was requested to share 6 steps CMOs and other marketers can adapt to deliver a better customer experience, here are they:
1. Building a dedicated CX team:
You can’t create a big and consistent impact on rising CX if you don’t have a team selected to create and deploy it. One amongst the primary steps CMOs ought to take is to figure with the CEO and broader executing team to induce strategic alignment around how they’re aiming to leverage data and technology to boost CX.
2. Get more data about experience
To become expert at CX, you not solely got to understand what data you have access to and how to leverage it, however also how to tap into real-time expertise data.
3. Make CX as your brand
If you’re spending money on paid advertising, however, your CX is broken or inconsistent; you’re seemingly wasting your cash. Make customer experience as your brand to induce more.
4. Understand your audience
Take a deep-dive into wherever your audience is consuming their data. With new apps, platforms and websites rising virtually every day, finding the most effective outlets for your content is a moving target.
5. Deliver a customized experience
After you’ve known who your customers are from an overall phase or microphase level and outlined their personas, use this whole data to create a customized, consistent experience, across multiple platforms, which addresses the particular desires, challenges, and needs.
6. Test the results
Together with the processes mentioned above, marketers also have an opportunity to utilize AI, machine learning and automation processes to more effectively experiment at scale. Check your experience with the steps you follow to develop a stronger CX.

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