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A Four-Step Process to Make Brand Messaging more Customer-Centric

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A good businessman will always tell you, “The customer always comes first”. This mantra is behind virtually every successful business or at least should be. Brand messaging and brand positing is one of the most important, yet least understood aspects of brand marketing. Most companies resort to packing their brand messages with cumbersome customer names, latch on to trending keywords and ramble on about how their company is different from the competitors. Such inadequate tactics hardly every result in good sales and the marketing team sits around scratching their hands wondering what went wrong in the process.
Brand positioning and messaging need not be such a back-breaking task. Most experts believe that the messaging and positioning of a brand must incorporate equal parts of brand’s positioning in the market in comparison to the competitors, the general trend of the market and most importantly, the services that benefit the customers. Here is a simple four process step to make messaging and position more customer-driven:

Identify What the Customer Wants
Rather than cluttering your messages with unnecessary words as reiterated by the sales department who are focused on the buying habits of the customers, have a sit down with the marketing team who can give you an in-depth information of the exact needs and wishes of the customers and the style and semantics that they use to search for the products. Tap into customers’ psyche and needs to get better results.

Take Help from The Experts
When starting a venture, there is no shame in asking for help from someone who is more experienced than you in the field. Question everything from benefits to business features to have a better understanding of the problems.

Know Your Competitors
When it comes to running a successful business, it is essential to keep oneself updated. Follow the latest trends, social media buzz and the overall patterns to keep yourself updated on your brand positioning in the market and the market strategies adopted by other companies.

Define your Brand Positioning
Before you jump on the wagon to give your company a unique set of differentiators, first do a thorough research of the market. Take into account the list of services offered by the competitors and make a quick analysis of how you measure up against them. Taking from the result of that analysis, you can chalk a few novel differentiators that can help in your brand positioning.

Once you have mastered the four-step process, you can now effectively define your brand that constitutes its motto, what it does and in what ways it is unique compared to its competitors.

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