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A Star is Born!

Cogniance Announces Major Rebranding and Extensive Expansion
cogniance A Star is Born!

Cogniance, a global design and technology company with 750 innovators, strategists, designers, engineers and marketers, today announces a major rebrand as part of a plan to help clients accelerate digital transformation during the next decade.

On February 25, Cogniance changes its name to Star.

The company is embarking on a period of high-impact growth and expanded service provision. It retains its core competencies and adds new ones to become truly global and take a leading role in driving design-led technology innovation.

Star consists of multiple Star units, including Star Design, Star Engineering and Star Space – one of the largest co-working spaces in Silicon Valley.

The company now serves multiple industries through its Practices that include Automotive & Mobility, AdTech & MarTech, Health & Wellness, Consumer Electronics & IoT, FinTech, Industry & Manufacturing, and Startups.

Juha Christensen, Star’s Founder and Chairman, said, “During our first decade we grew an average of 32 percent per year. As we look forward to the next decade of continued growth, we see a changing world. In this world, the winners will be companies that have tight integration between strategy, design, engineering and marketing.

“At Star, we have the competencies to be the primary partner to market leaders within the industries we serve. Our strategists work with clients to set bold endgames for themselves. In turn, our strategists, designers and engineers translate those endgames into successful products and solutions. We believe every great idea, every great person, and every great company deserves to shine. That is why we’re now called Star.”

Michael Schreibmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Star, added, “Cogniance has existed for a decade. We have delivered world-class products and services for many incredible clients. Along our journey, we learned time and time again that there are no shortcuts to success. Every successful product begins with a great idea. It has people who design it, people who build it, and people who use it.

“It’s powered by meaningful insights and crisp strategies that inform go-to-market, engagement models, and growth. Star is organized around these critical success milestones, providing the systems and the discipline that are so important for winning in the dynamic environments of today and tomorrow.”

About Star

Star is a global consultancy that connects insights, strategy, design, engineering and marketing services into a seamless workflow devised to support our clients every step of the way – no matter how long or complex their journey. We care deeply about the results you want to create. We anchor everything we do in clear and compelling endgames, which in turn enable our strategists, designers and engineers to create superior solutions and commercial successes for you.

Whether you’re a startup or a global corporation, Star helps companies become winners within their sector.

Our 750 innovators, strategists, designers, engineers and marketers exist to make great ideas shine.


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