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Artesian Solutions Gains Significant Traction in the Technology Sector

255% Year-On-Year Growth Since 2017
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25th February 2019: Artesian Solutions, the powerful Artificial Intelligence driven service that equips commercial teams with the resources they need to succeed, has seen its share of sales to technology companies increase by 255% year-on-year since 2017, despite 2018 marking perhaps the most tumultuous year in recent history for the technology sector, marked by controversy, competition, and a volatile stock market.

Technology companies represent some of the biggest game changers on the planet, but they’re not immune from changing buyer behaviours and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Nor are they immune from the constant challenge to remain relevant and differentiate their service in a market that takes no prisoners. The best service providers are not only bringing new ideas to their customers before anyone else, but are putting time and effort into differentiating themselves through customer experience.

Artesian’s growing market share in the technology sector is a result of technology companies seeing the vast return on investment that can be achieved by leveraging millions of data points to create new relationships, establish credibility, address individual pain points and wider market challenges, and create new opportunities. Artesian’s customers, including Oracle, Amazon Web Services, SAP, BT, Infinity Tracking and Canon, are driving significant improvements in how they connect with customers and meet challenging commercial goals.

Paul Evans, Regional Director at BT comments “BT Local Businesses have generated 1,856 new opportunities in the last 7 months with a sales order value of £11.4 million directly attributable to the insights delivered by Artesian. In that time frame they collectively closed 937 of these opportunities resulting in £8.6 million of new revenue”.

Speaking about its growth in the IT Sector Artesian Co-Founder and CEO Andrew Yates commented: “Technology companies are increasingly investing much of their valuable brain power into crafting long-term, powerful relationships from the start of the customer journey. By harnessing technologies such as Artesian they’re uncovering opportunities to act in more contextually aware, empathetic and personalised ways and in turn are seizing opportunities to differentiate in an entirely different way, rather than focusing on features, benefits and brand reputation alone”.

He continues “Harnessing the most valuable company information, market data and customer insights means Artesian’s technology customers can build innovative propositions for their products and services, prioritising ideas based on solving actual business challenges in each customer segment they serve. The sheer pace of change in the technology sector, including new entrant disruption, means enterprise providers can quickly fall behind if they’re not able establish deep, value-based relationships, especially when they may not be able to react as quickly within product development as their smaller competitors. Artesian’s growth in the sector highlights a shift in focus towards customer experience and value-based selling. Our technology customers are great examples of how to stay relevant and grow, even in a challenging political and economic environment”.

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About Artesian

Artesian is a powerful AI driven service that equips client facing teams with the resources they need to succeed in a modern commercial environment.

Apps that drive action. MI that measures impact. A service that inspires and coaches. Artesian provides the data, real-time insight and context needed to find customers, create meaningful engagements, sell more and create long-lasting business relationships.

With the use of AI technology layered on top of company information, data and news, Artesian helps you uncover opportunities, build relationships and accelerate deals.

Artesian continually scans millions of online sources for data on markets, organisations, individuals and topics, and uses sophisticated algorithms to filter and transform that information into commercially valuable insights.

With Artesian, you can track your customers, prospects, competitors and partners; spot and capitalise on business opportunities; and manage risks in your pipeline.

Artesian helps drive customer alignment, credibility, competitiveness and client satisfaction.

Artesian is headquartered in the U.K, with offices in London and Winnersh, Berkshire. Headquartered in the US in Boston, Massachusetts.

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