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ActionIQ Launches HybridCompute

HybridCompute is industry-first to provide full control of where data is stored and queried via its native reverse ETL capabilities.
  • ActionIQ brings the full power and flexibility of the AIQ CX Hub, including audience segmentation, journey orchestration and real-time experiences, directly into cloud data lakes via native push-down SQL and reverse ETL capabilities
  • This new architecture offers improved data security and governance by allowing full control over where customer data is stored and processed
  • HybridCompute enables enterprises to decide where to create their source of truth for customer data
  • ActionIQ supports an agnostic approach to data storage and processing, working with leading data and analytics platforms like Databricks, Snowflake and Teradata

ActionIQ, the leader in customer experience (CX) solutions that deliver actionable insight from customer data, today announced the launch of HybridCompute, a new feature of the AIQ InfiniteCompute technology that removes the requirement to replicate and move data, allowing enterprise IT teams to unbundle their customer data stack and take full control over where data is stored and queried. The AIQ CX Hub with HybridCompute now seamlessly integrates directly on top of cloud data lakes, helping enterprise IT teams maximize the value of existing technology investments, while empowering business users with drag and drop simplicity. .

InfiniteCompute is the data infrastructure technology that delivers unlimited computational power, making it possible for AIQ to manage and process more data than any other solution available. And with the addition of HybridCompute, InfiniteCompute can query data stored across multiple systems, enabling analytics anywhere data lives and post-processing that provides a consistent view of data across the entire AIQ CX Hub.

“AIQ’s mission has always been to empower IT and business leaders to orchestrate personalized customer experiences at scale, and we’ve approached innovations in infrastructure as a key enabler to that,” said Justin DeBrabant, Senior Vice President of Product at AIQ. “However, a lot has changed in data infrastructure space over the last 8 years since we started on that mission. Many companies have made investments to consolidate their customer data into a cloud data lake, and the gap to leveraging that data is less on data unification and more on simplified business access.”

“We want to meet our customers wherever they are on their data infrastructure journey, and help them generate greater value on those investments by providing them scalable storage and compute infrastructure when they need it, or the ability to query the data where it is with HybridCompute if they’ve already done the work of data unification. And importantly, they won’t need to choose all of one or the other, as InfiniteCompute will span seamlessly across any of these systems,” he continued.

The AIQ CX Hub with HybridCompute gives enterprise IT teams the ability to unbundle their customer data stack, significantly streamlining resources, increasing flexibility, generating greater value on IT investments and driving accelerated CX transformation.

“By 2024, 80% of CIOs surveyed will list modular business redesign through composability, as a top-five reason for accelerated business performance,” cites “Predicts 2022: Composable Applications Accelerate Digital Business” a Gartner® report published Dec. 1, 2021.  The report goes on to say, “Composable digital business will use digital resources to cope with the rapid pace of business change, unfamiliar risks, diversifying customer expectations, and business, economic, societal and other uncertainties.”

See also related announcements today and this week on partnerships with Databricks, Snowflake and Teradata to integrate HybridCompute and maximize value of existing investments.

Enterprise brands such as Autodesk, M&T Bank, The New York TimesNeiman Marcus, Hertz and many more use the AIQ CX Hub to drive growth through extraordinary customer experiences.

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