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Anyword Launches Free Social Media Copywriting Tool

Anyword's Social Post Generator is available free of charge and generates high-quality, high-converting copy for social media posts.

Anyword, the data-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) copywriting platform, has launched its free Social Media Post Generator. This online tool creates engaging, high-quality copy for specific use cases and social media platforms.

Users can generate engaging content with just a few clicks using AI-powered technology that’s ideal for social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users must follow simple steps to create a post, which can be up to 600 words in length and will receive a prompt to provide background information on the type of content they want to create.

“Anyword leverages the power of vast data sets and predictive analytics to help individuals and companies generate social posts that connect with their audience,” said Eli Bar-Lev, Chief Marketing Officer of Anyword. “Our technology was also designed to treat each iteration as a new request to avoid the possibility of duplicates.”

Additional benefits of the Social Post Generator include:

  • Time Savings – Use existing copy to create converting, engaging content for several different use cases. A constant stream of AI-generated ideas and suggestions help writers find the best variations for their project.
  • Eliminate Writer’s Block – Anyword’s Social Post Generator can create captions, posts, and tweets, depending on the platform of choice. Provide context and specific customer personas for perfectly tailored copy; the only limitation is a writer’s sense of creativity.
  • Predictive Performance Score and Analytics – Anyword’s Predictive Performance Score and analytics help marketers and copywriters better understand how well their copy will perform before it goes live. Data-driven copywriting takes the guesswork out of writing and scores different copy variations based on performance and conversion potential.

Anyword’s AI writing assistant drives more conversions and sales using data and robust predictive analytics. Marketers using Anyword see an average increase of 30% in conversion rates.

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