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Avaya Mobile Experience Named TMC 2019 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award Winner

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Avaya Mobile Experience is a patented, consumption-based mobile service cloud offering, now generally available in the U.S.

Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE:AVYA), a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Avaya Mobile Experience a 2019 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award winner.

Avaya Mobile Experience is an Avaya owned and operated cloud-based service that supports the advancement of a business’ digital transformation to become more mobile-centric. Avaya Mobile Experience helps enable omni-channel interactions with smartphone users, reducing the time callers spend on legacy voice interactions with an organization’s contact center.

“With an increasing proportion of voice calls into contact centers originating from mobile phones–very often smart phones–companies have an opportunity to harness the power of those devices to deliver superior customer experiences,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, Principal Analyst of McGee-Smith Analytics. “The data from Avaya Mobile Experience customers is in and shows that the service not only reduces operational costs but also allows organizations to offer context-aware, personalized interactions with their brand.”

Approximately seven out of 10 people who call into a contact center’s toll-free number—to solve a problem, make a purchase or voice a concern—are using a mobile device.1 With Avaya Mobile Experience, organizations using Avaya or non-Avaya contact center solutions have the opportunity to reduce their toll-free charges, increase their operational productivity and better serve their mobile callers.

“Contact center operations can be key drivers of an organization’s digital transformation strategy, while helping to improve the efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness of the enterprise,” said David Chavez, vice president, innovation, Avaya. “With Avaya Mobile Experience we enable our customers to provide their contact centers with flexibility, agility and simplicity to improve customer responsiveness under changing business requirements. It has been growing in users and is now generally available in the U.S. market. In fact, with our early adopter customers, we have exceeded 2.5 million minutes serviced and over 500 numbers enrolled to date. And we hope to continue to add cool new features and functionality based on inputs from enthusiastic customers.”

For contact centers, mobile devices can both facilitate and complicate providing that frictionless experience. The capacity to deliver voice, video and text opens doors for mobile users to communicate in the way they wish. At the same time, people might be using these phones far from the assigned area code, which can impede routing a call to an appropriate contact center resource. Avaya Mobile Experience is a patented2 service that equips a contact center with the ability to deliver tailored services that tap the features and functionality of mobile devices and the networks serving them.

David Lover, VP Strategy and Technology at ConvergeOne, an Avaya Diamond Partner said, “Avaya Mobile Experience totally changes the conversation with customers. We can have a technology discussion, a customer service discussion or a value discussion depending on which person we are meeting at the customer.”


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