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Blueshift Launches First-Ever Customer Data Activation Platform

With Newly Released App Framework, Brands can Use Blueshift to Orchestrate Intelligent Customer Experiences On Every Touchpoint, Across Marketing, Customer Service, And Product
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Blueshift, the leader in activating customer data to drive intelligent customer engagement, today announced the launch of an industry-first Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP). The release of Blueshift’s App Framework completes its CDAP and gives companies, for the first time, the ability to not only unify and integrate data, but to use their data to power AI-optimized customer experiences across every customer engagement application. With this release, Blueshift builds upon existing capabilities, which include AI-Powered Cross-Channel Journeys, Predictive Audience Syndications, and Live Personalization. Each capability is now available to be integrated with every customer engagement application, enabling diverse use cases across relationship marketing, paid media, customer service, telesales, chat and in-product personalization.

“Brands are starting to ask how they can stop working for their data, and instead put their data to work for them,” said Vijay Chittoor, Co-Founder & CEO of Blueshift. “Unlike Customer Data Infrastructure solutions that solely manage data, our CDAP intelligently unlocks the value of data on every touchpoint and helps brands make intelligent decisions around the right audience (“who”), the right content (“what”), the right time (“when”) and the right channel (“where”).”

In an always-on world, customer engagement involves making millions of decisions in real-time across an ever expanding set of apps. Marketers still have challenges using their data to gain actionable customer insight and power customer experiences across these applications. While Customer Data Infrastructure solutions have helped organizations manage data across their systems, they haven’t enabled marketers to put that data to use in directing and optimizing ongoing marketing actions. Blueshift’s Customer Data Activation Platform operationalizes real-time, data-driven marketing decisioning and execution.

“One of the biggest challenges in one-on-one marketing is the need to activate large volumes of data when you scale to millions of customers across multiple touchpoints,” said Chris Kachel, Senior Director, CRM at LendingTree. “Unlike other platforms that struggle with increasing amounts of data, Blueshift becomes more powerful the more data you have in it.  This has allowed us to scale our personalization efforts and customer journeys across multiple apps on different channels, and the results have been tremendous.” LendingTree sends billions of messages from Blueshift’s CDAP.

Key use cases of the Customer Data Activation Platform include:

  • Personalize messages across engagement channels. Increase relevance of messaging across any online, offline, or proprietary custom built apps including email, mobile, direct mail, and chat.
  • Increase paid marketing return on ad spend (ROAS). Identify high-intent customers through predictive modeling and keep them continuously updated in Google, Facebook, Twitter, Taboola, Linkedin, etc through Blueshift Audience Sync.
  • Coordinate and optimize customer experience across channels. Trigger real-time, behavior-based messaging across customer touchpoints. Self-learning models optimize the journey flow.
  • Power CRM, analytics, and other systems with the latest user behaviors and dynamic segments. Automatically update and keep all your BI tools, analytics systems, CRM systems, and other technologies synced.
  • Streamline the customer experience across the full customer journey. Have customer service teams and messaging applications access a complete customer understanding and trigger real-time actions.

Blueshift’s CDAP integrates with several cutting-edge solutions to drive intelligent customer engagement. For instance, Blueshift’s integration with Lob enables marketers to launch personalized direct mail at scale. “Lob is excited to partner with Blueshift on the launch of their new Customer Data Activation Platform by offering a deep integration to power fully automated and intelligent direct mail,” said Harry Zhang, Cofounder of Lob. “Our combined offering will enable companies to unlock their data to create fully personalized omnichannel experiences that are event-triggered, relevant, and increase ROAS for customers looking to streamline their direct mail campaigns.”

Leading analyst firm Gartner recently recognized Blueshift’s innovations, selecting it as a  Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing. It also has been awarded a patent for its AI-powered marketing technology that ingests, interprets and activates real-time data to power more personalized, adaptive communication across channels.

The extended capabilities of the Customer Data Activation Platform are immediately available to current and new customers.

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