IdeaCarrot Launches the Next Generation in Customer Experience Management (CXM)

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In a market swamped with limitless choice, it’s no longer enough for a company to rely on USPs or brand recognition. A company must sell an experience.

Despite the mounting evidence that CX done well can deliver tangible results, many companies still aren’t getting it.

With the March 2019 launch of IdeaCarrot’s new web-based CXM platform, business will at last have access to the tools needed to gain true Voice of Customer (VoC) data, and deliver outstanding customer experiences, and do so simply.

“The launch of IdeaCarrot raises the bar for CXM,” says founder Kayvan Torabian. “It just got a lot easier to capture information and gain insight directly from those who know your products and services best—your customers.”

Structured, incentive-based survey and feedback-based tools means business can easily access behavioral data, customer insights and marketing technology to better understand and optimize every step of the customer journey.

“The problem with traditional surveys is frankly, no one wants to do them. There’s no reward for their time. What’s in it for the customer?” Torabian asks. “At IdeaCarrot we took the approach that a customer’s feedback is valuable. It’s worth something, so they should be rewarded for good ideas. They essentially need a carrot. The platform empowers businesses to easily gain insightful feedback data in real time, by offering customers those carrots.”

  • Seamlessly connects in real time with customers at the key touchpoints of the customer journey
  • Shares incentive-based CX data across all levels of an organization for deep customer insight
  • Moves businesses from product/service based marketing to experience-centric marketing

The aim of the business model is simple: to help create more engaged, customer-centric, and efficient companies.

A world where everyone wins!

IdeaCarrot is an emerging leader in CXM, helping companies deliver better customer service through data accessibility and is based in Westlake Village, California.

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