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Brand Loyalty Platform, Flaunt Launches Out of High Alpha

The company is the first official Salesforce Partner offering web3-powered loyalty solutions to help enterprise brands create, manage and integrate user-friendly loyalty programs.

Today, Flaunt is announcing its launch out of High Alpha. The platform creates a path for brands to get started in the web3 loyalty space and even build on top of existing web3 communities through features that support the creation, integration, distribution, analytics and management of digital assets and their unique benefits.

Flaunt is led by Co-Founder and CEO Connor Kelley, a tenured builder and innovator who previously led product development for Roblox’s avatar marketplace. Kelley is joined by Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer Chris Miller, who previously served as VP of Client Partnerships at ad tech company, MiQ, and Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Zach Schmid, who previously served as CTO at YouVersion where he built experiences used by 500M+ consumers worldwide.

“Winning customer loyalty and engaging superfans is a competitive imperative, especially in a market with soaring customer acquisition costs. A web3 approach using digital collectibles is uniquely suited to solve this problem for brands and help them differentiate against competitors,” said Kelley. “The next generation of brand loyalty will be powered by web3, and Flaunt is their single entry point into this exciting new space.”

Over the past year, enterprise brands such as Starbucks, Nike and Lacoste have all begun leveraging web3 and blockchain technology to deepen relationships with their customers using collectible digital assets, many of which offer additional rewards, experiences and access to exclusive products and events. Flaunt provides both a platform and service offerings to support brands as they bring web3 technology into their brand loyalty programs.

With a focus towards enterprise and web3-native brands, Flaunt offers a modular platform that is deployable with third party integrations and a fully customizable branded user experience. Flaunt has also recently become the first official Salesforce Partner offering web3 loyalty solutions.

“Consumers who own a branded digital asset need to know what utility they have. At the same time, brands need an easier way to manage and track that utility, even if the asset is transferred or sold,” said Mat Sweezey, Co-Founder of Salesforce Web3 Studio. “Flaunt understands this dire need in the market and has built a solution that makes web3 simple. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome them as a Salesforce Partner.”

With early customers like Almost Friday Media, JUMP NEWS and Tropical Bros, Flaunt ultimately helps brands create innovative experiences defined by customer ownership, community and utility that drive lasting loyalty.

“As we saw with email, social media and traditional loyalty marketing, new categories of software enabled brands to engage their customers at scale,” said Eric Tobias, Partner at High Alpha. “Web3 will power the next wave of brand loyalty, and we believe Flaunt will be the market leader for enterprise brands diving into this space.”

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