Bruce Clay to Host ‘The 3 Reasons an SEO Project Fails’

The world's trusted search engine optimization expert Bruce Clay is sharing insights and tips to help today's brands and agencies attract website traffic and revenue. He will host a first-ever live webinar on April 27th to discuss three ways an SEO project fails and how to overcome them.
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What do the smartest CMOs have in common? Sending their teams to Bruce Clay SEO training. Dubbed the “Father of SEO,” Bruce Clay brings decades of SEO expertise and knowledge to an exclusive and first-of-its-kind free webinar training on April 27, 2021, at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

What causes SEO to fail? Marketers and brands need to know.

In this 60-minute live Zoom webinar, Bruce Clay will identify the biggest issues that derail a brand’s SEO projects. Pulling from his wealth of experience working with client sites of all types and sizes, Clay will explain what works to overcome these issues and move SEO forward. A live Q&A with Clay will follow his presentation.

Discussion Topics:

–  How to watch out for problems: CMOs, managers and others need to know what to look out for that can derail SEO.
–  How to overcome the pitfalls: You’ll find out what to do to keep SEO projects on track.
–  How to avert disaster: If your SEO project is already in trouble, you need to know how to turn
things around.
–  How to manage an SEO project the right way: You’ll learn three keys to help you ensure SEO project success.

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SEO Before Google? Bruce Clay Helped Make It Famous.

Clay is best known for guiding some of the world’s top brands, CMOs, and marketers to win at search engine optimization. He began helping websites rank in search in 1996, before Google was born, and is well known for training more than 5,000 marketers worldwide through his in-person Bruce Clay SEO Training classes. A Google search for “who is the father of SEO” brings up his name.

Staying strategic in SEO means beating the competition, not the algorithm. With brands heavily dependent on their online visibility now more than ever, learning how to navigate best practices for search engine optimization is a top priority.

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