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Caperio AI Performance Platform Released for North America

Caperio Increases Revenue Performance for Remote & On-Site Call Center Agents Using Artificial Intelligence and Breakthrough Speech Analytics in the Cloud
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  • After creating average 221% increases in Promise to Pay amounts for the largest banks and financial services firms globally, the leading AI performance platform for call centers and remote agents is now available in North America.
  • 100% of customer interactions (speech & text) are analyzed to immediately transform revenues & drive down costs. The Caperio platform rapidly transforms and optimizes how people interact and perceive value across the teams that touch customers, prospects, and partners in every organization.
  • Using AI and automation for performance, remote & on-site agents results are optimized to drive down costs and deliver compliance, given the industry average of $21 per hour cost for at-home agents compared to $31 per hour cost for on-site agents.
  • Rapid pre-built Business Scenario Libraries support customers as they seek answers, advice or resolutions to problems, enabling customer-facing employees to deliver resolutions, advice and sales, Caperio unlocks the voice and intention of both the customer and the agent, creating a profit center and eliminating complexity across the enterprise.
  • Shawn Blevins has been named as Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for North America sales and marketing teams across all customer engagement and private equity relationships.

Today, Bossa Nova Data Solutions released its Caperio AI Performance Platform in North America, a first-of-its-kind enterprise cloud software with a mission of its own: Increasing agent revenues and business results using artificial intelligence across 100% of customer, prospect, and partner interactions.

In production today inside the largest banks and financial companies in other regions, Caperio is rewriting agent performance in hard dollar revenue increases, averaging a 221% increase in Promise to Pay amounts for a selected case study. Caperio is designed to optimize agent performance across diverse remote/on-site agents and teams, with a seamless cloud experience for identifying opportunities and issues while eliminating compliance and privacy concerns.

“Exponential gains in revenue come from knowing both the voice of the customer AND the voice of the agent, uncovering each moment of opportunity inside every interaction. Caperio uses artificial intelligence to up level agent performance, unlock revenues and make both remote and on-site agents’ top performers,” said Roy Ludwig, Founder and CEO of Bossa Nova. “With Caperio, we are proving AI is able to optimize each touch to create new revenues and unmatched experiences companies without AI cannot achieve.”

To drive expansion for Caperio in North America, Bossa Nova has added Shawn Blevins as Chief Revenue Officer, a veteran of AI startups and Enterprise software firms, including Booz Allen, SAP, Microsoft, Opera and Oracle. “Shawn is a seasoned senior executive with immeasurable experience and remarkable results as a sales and marketing executive with top technology vendors, startups, and online brands. His outstanding track record in working with the world’s largest brands as well as private equity portfolio companies will be crucial as we grow and scale our organization introducing Caperio to North America,” said Alexandra Bidoli, Founder and Chief Customer Officer.

“After witnessing the hard-dollar gains organizations are seeing in revenue, I am humbled to be able to join this breakthrough company. Caperio takes mid-tier agents and increases performance to produce as top-tier agents whether they are remote or on-site, creating strong profit centers across all touchpoints of the business. There is just nothing else that comes close to the Caperio platform,” said Shawn Blevins, Chief Revenue Officer.

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