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Customer Engagement Platform AdGreetz Partners with TikTok

Partnership enables global marketers to more-effectively communicate with users by producing and deploying relevant, data-driven, hyper-personalized video messaging on the popular short-form video platform

AdGreetz, the industry’s leading video personalization platform, today announced a partnership with TikTok, the social-networking service that is currently the most downloaded app in the world. The relationship extends TikTok’s platform capabilities significantly, enabling advertisers globally to more-effectively communicate with users by producing, deploying and optimizing relevant, hyper-personalized content and messaging delivered in real time.

“The world around us is changing daily and our societal needs are evolving on a constant basis,” said Lorry Destainville, Marketing Partnerships Director at TikTok. “It is our responsibility at TikTok to meet those needs the best we can.  As we introduced marketing capabilities via the platform, partnering with AdGreetz made perfect sense. Their personalization platform has proven to be one of the most effective tools for advertisers to communicate specific messaging tailored to individual users in a scalable manner.”

“AdGreetz is excited to be joining forces with TikTok and empowering their advertisers to revolutionize the way they converse with customers going from one-size-fits-all generic ads to thousands (or even millions) of smart, data-driven, relevant, hyper-personalized messages that resonate with each individual recipient.” said Eric Frankel, CEO/Founder at AdGreetz.

The first brand to implement hyper-personalization on TikTok is Prudential plc, who utilized this capability to launch their new health app Pulse. Prudential deployed 1,362 video creatives to the app’s key age demographic (18-44 years) — squarely aligned with TikTok’s core users. The Pulse campaign personalization included location, gender, time of day and differing video messages that highlighted unique features and benefits of the app.

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