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CDP Leader Amperity & Zendesk Offer Customer Personalization

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Amperity, the first AI-powered Customer Data Platform (CDP), today announced it will be working in partnership with Zendesk. As part of the initiative, Amperity will integrate natively with Zendesk’s customer relationship management (CRM) platform, allowing joint customers to put into play the full breadth and depth of customer intelligence from Amperity.

Amperity connects data across disparate systems and uses patented technology to create a persistently accurate and complete 360-degree customer view for every single customer. By applying cloud-scale computing to the challenge of resolving identity across systems without a common unique identifier, Amperity transforms raw data into individual profiles that can plug directly into Zendesk open CRM software. Using data from Amperity in Zendesk means that a customer service agent now has visibility into a condensed view of all the information the brand has collected about the customer through any system, such as their last order, shipping and tracking details, loyalty status, satisfaction survey results, shopping preferences, and more. Moreover, with Amperity’s breakthroughs in predictive analytics, Zendesk users can also use dozens of built-in insights like product recommendations, next best action, and churn likelihood to serve their customers in the best possible way.

“Everything we do revolves around improving our runners’ experience, and that means leveraging customer data in every interaction,” said Mark McKelvey, IT Lead in Europe at Brooks Running. “At a technical level, that means having our CDP and CRM systems work in lockstep. When a runner contacts us with a question or an issue, the additional customer data now available enables the Brooks team to serve them even faster.”

“Amperity and Zendesk are complementary technologies that share a common purpose, which is to help companies improve the experiences they provide to their customers,” said Kabir Shahani, CEO at Amperity. “Brands today face the challenge of adapting to radical, and in some cases, permanent changes to the way consumers behave and engage. Our goal is to give them the tools they need to land quick and efficient adaptations that allow them to truly see who their customers are and what they need while serving them using Zendesk.”

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