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Infogroup Adds World-class Digital Talent to Expand Digital Capabilities and Accelerate Company Vision and Mission

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Infogroup, a leading provider of data and multichannel marketing solutions, today announced the expansion of its digital services and the hiring of five new executives to grow its digital, data and technology capabilities to accelerate the company’s vision and mission.

Infogroup is expanding its digital solutions and services to empower brands to optimize the value of consumer relationships. These services will support B2B and B2C brands’ objectives to reach their customers throughout the customer lifecycle from acquisition to lifetime loyalty. Infogroup will provide people-based digital marketing capabilities to its clients supported by six pillars: data, decision-making, campaign delivery, diagnostics, innovation and talent.

Harnessing the full range of solutions and services, the company will help brands identify and reconcile new and existing sources of data and increase the performance of real-time decisions through AI modeling. In addition, customers will deliver robust cross-channel campaigns inclusive of programmatic media, social, mobile, video, native and search engine marketing. Infogroup will continue to develop people-based marketing strategic roadmaps & CRM database management to support our clients.

“Our vision is to offer our clients full customer journey enablement,” said Jim Sturm, president, Yes Lifecycle Marketing, a division of Infogroup. “Our expanded digital strategy empowers brands to connect with consumers and build long-term customer relationships with the help of expert marketing services teams, robust data and advanced technology.”

The addition of new talent will bring strategic leadership, improve marketing efficiencies, strengthen business performance, and increase ROI for Infogroup clients. And, on their behalf, Infogroup will lead the industry in R&D and innovation efforts including, but not limited to AI, Blockchain, and data visualization to tackle critical challenges of consumer privacy (GDPR), transparency, and attribution.

“Over the years, we have earned the trust of our Fortune 1000 clients as a strategic advisor and valuable partner. We work together to move from account-based marketing to people-based marketing,” said Thomas Zawacki, chief digital officer, Infogroup. “Our approach and capabilities provide brands with the customer intelligence and advanced solutions they need to engage their customers efficiently to drive short-term economic return, as well as long-term competitive differentiation.”

The following executive hires will support the expansion of Infogroup’s digital services and capabilities:

  • Andrew Bloom, president, enterprise data solutions, Infogroup: Bringing 20 years of global experience in high growth public and start-up companies in the digital content, advertising, data and technology sectors, Bloom will oversee how Infogroup’s data and marketing technologies are leveraged to bring advanced analytics, business knowledge and next level solutions to clients.
  • Tony Marlow, chief marketing officer, Infogroup: Marlow will lead all aspects of Infogroup’s marketing strategy, brand development and communications. His marketing expertise and strategic vision serve as a vital addition to the team as they shift focus towards data-driven marketing.
  • Tim Smith, general manager, digital services, Yes Lifecycle Marketing: As an accomplished executive and entrepreneur in the digital marketing and advertising space, Smith’s extensive expertise will support the company’s focus on delivering end-to-end integrated digital solutions and services across all marketing and advertising channels.
  • Jim Sturm, president, Yes Lifecycle Marketing: As president, Jim will lead the company toward executing on its new vision and mission. His technology-focused leadership approach and agency services background supports the company’s evolution toward a digital services model.
  • Thomas Zawacki, chief digital officer, Infogroup: With over 25 years of experience in the AI, digital marketing and CRM, Zawacki will lead the development, planning and execution of the company’s digital strategy through new product development and sales enablement programs.

“As a company committed to empowering brands, we understand the value of strategic leadership and the importance of truly integrated services and solutions,” said Michael Iaccarino, CEO and chairman, Infogroup. “We brought on leaders that not only support our digital strategy, but who have the expertise to bring success to brands who are looking to strengthen customer acquisition and lifetime value through integrated, data-driven and profitable marketing programs.”

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