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Cotopaxi Partners With Forethought to Scale Customer Support

Cotopaxi advances customer experience with Forethought's AI products, Solve and Assist

Forethought, the human-centered AI platform, today announced its new partnership with Cotopaxi, a Certified B Corporation™ outdoor adventure gear and apparel brand. Forethought will enable Cotopaxi’s customer support organization to create best-in-class user experiences as it implements the AI products Solve and Assist.

“We’re excited to enter into this new partnership with Cotopaxi as they utilize our AI products to improve and optimize customer experience,” said Dave Ginsburg, chief customer officer at Forethought. “As a customer of Cotopaxi, Forethought will continue to celebrate the brand’s durable outdoor products that not only work well but do good.”

As a growing company, Cotopaxi foresees an increase in the breadth and volume of support ticket requests. Assist, which is expected to be live in November 2022, will allow Cotopaxi to leverage Forethought’s AI-powered agent assistant to increase the efficiency of their concentrated support team without compromising productivity. Forethought will surface relevant knowledge articles, past cases, macros and notes into support agents’ help desk.

Additionally, Cotopaxi will take full advantage of the robust features Solve offers. Customers will experience fast results with this integration across multiple web pages as it instantly interprets their exact need and uses data and custom workflows to find the best answer and take action. By reducing back and forth between agents and customers to resolve cases and deflecting simple questions such as “where’s my order?” Cotopaxi expects to respond to more cases faster.

“Forethought’s technology will better assist our customers by empowering them to find answers, whether that’s on the website, in the help center or on our PDPs,” said Ren Barrus, director of customer experience at Cotopaxi. “Utilizing these products  benefits not only our customers but our internal team as well.”

Cotopaxi creates outdoor products, apparel and experiences that inspire adventure, help alleviate poverty, and move people to do good. The brand’s social impact strategy focuses on global poverty and employs responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices through supply chains.

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