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Digital Marketing Advisor BeeSeen Partners with The Patriot Group

Remote Agent Engagement Technology driving enhanced compliance and communication for organizations.
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BeeSeen Solutions, a Full-Service Digital Agency and Strategic Advisory with Expertise in Business Process Outsourcing, Digital Marketing, and Process Automation, Headquartered in Long Island, New York, is excited to announce its partnership with The Patriot Group, a Veteran Owned Executive Consulting and Advisory Firm. The role out of a next generation Remote Employee Engagement tool called CollaborationRoom ( that facilitates real-time engagement communication, enhanced compliance, performance, and customer experience.

Adapting to the hybrid work culture and remote work environment with many employees still working from home, BeeSeen Solutions needed a collaboration tool to maintain effective communication, performance, and compliance. Through its partnership with The Patriot Group, BeeSeen Solutions team members can now stay connected in a real-time, remote environment as if they were working side by side. They now have the ability to engage, communicate, and be productive in their day-to-day work with an easy-to-use, easy to implement digital solution that elevates the customer experience.

With the implementation of CollaborationRoom (, problems like connectivity issues, audio/video lag, insufficient oversight to manage customer/agent communications, and concerns about compliance protocols while working remotely were eliminated once and for all.

“Working with a Veteran Owned Company such as The Patriot Group and their next-generation platform, it is clear why they have become a “go to” Partner. We have seen our team members become empowered and energized utilizing the technology on a daily basis. It is as if they are back in an office environment with a maintained corporate culture and ability to communicate real-time,” said Patrick Pinto CMO BeeSeen Solutions.

Deploying CollaborationRoom has been a no-brainer for BeeSeen Solutions. It is a next-generation, patent-pending tool built to help team members stay connected and engaged working remotely, and it does this with an easy-to-use interface and advanced AI-enabled technology. It will give you the same collaborative experience and compliance monitoring of a brick-and-mortar facility without sacrificing the tremendous flexibility and cost savings of a remote environment. The technology ensures stability within remote offices while minimizing distractions.

CollaborationRoom Key Features:

  • Highly customizable dashboard and AI-powered advanced manager display.
  • A cloud-based application that delivers ROI from the very first minute you use it.
  • AI-enabled collaboration enables you to detect the number of faces within view of an employee’s remote workstation.
  • Utilizing WebRtc, allows the solution to run on any modern browser like Chrome 28+, Firefox 22+, or Microsoft Edge 12+.
  • Real-time engagement, providing real-time feedback while protecting employee privacy.
  • Extremely low bandwidth requirement due to only sending relevant streams to employee desktops.
  • Customized to enterprise needs at deployment
  • Easy implementation, no desktop plug-in or additional software needed
  • End-to-end encryption

“We are super excited to be working with the digital experts at BeeSeen Solutions. As organizations embark on their Digital Transformation Journey, it is important we align with the right team that understands what it takes to be successful in the new world of working in a remote or work from home environment. There is no question the past 15 months have challenged companies to adjust and find solutions to ensure compliance, communication and keep team members productive while maintaining a feeling of staying connected to one another. Working with the team at BeeSeen Solutions and having them utilize our platform has allowed them to experience a smooth transition and become even more productive,” stated Thomas Barry, Partner & CTO The Patriot Group

Another logical motivation behind this landmark partnership is that it will also facilitate BeeSeen Solutions to enhance its digital strategies and compliance, drive more business opportunities to increase revenue, and close deals faster than ever before.

“Our team remains committed to being a partner that our clients can count on to deliver the highest levels of performance and customer experience through a continued reinvestment into our people, process and technology. We could not be happier utilizing this next generation solution brought to us by The Patriot Group. Working from Home/Remote certainly can provide advantages but at times can become lonely. We have seen our team become energized utilizing the platform which has in turn only provided positives to our company and clients,” said Paul Vallario Jr. President BeeSeen Solutions

BeeSeen Solutions is a Strategic Advisory with a focus in Digital Marketing, Website Design, Target Lead Generation, Process Automation, Call Center Services, and a full suite of Outsourcing Solutions through its global network to help drive efficiency, compliance, and revenues while ensuring a positive customer experience. BeeSeen Solutions is a results-driven and client-focused team that remains dedicated to providing the highest levels in customer experience and helping its clients exceed their goals through a proven track record of performance.

The Patriot Group is a Veteran Owned Full Service Executive Consulting and Advisory Firm focused on delivering the best customer experience and results possible on behalf of our clients. We partner with experts to drive top performance, the highest level of compliance and operational efficiency.

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