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DISQO Launches Outcomes Lift for Cross-Platform Ad Measurement

New product measures cross-platform ad effectiveness and full-funnel customer behaviors
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Leading customer experience (CX) intelligence platform DISQO today announced the launch of Outcomes Lift, the industry’s first product measuring the full incremental impact of cross-platform advertising campaigns on marketing funnel outcomes. Outcomes Lift provides advertisers with increased visibility into the entire customer experience journey, everything from search to e-commerce transactions, formerly obscured by limited access and deprecated methodologies.

As the industry faces the mitigation and eventual loss of identifiers like cookies and mobile IDs, Outcomes Lift arms marketers with insight into critical funnel behaviors occurring post-ad exposure, including search, site visitation, and e-commerce activities. Independent, objective and fully-consented, Outcomes Lift measures all digital platforms, including CTV, OLV, display, mobile, e-commerce sites, and siloed, hard-to-measure social sites.

DISQO Outcomes Lift is seeing hyper growth with brands, agencies and publishers, including blue-chip clients like Adidas, APCO, CROSSMEDIA. Havas Media Group, Haworth Marketing + Media, GoodRX, MediaCom, Nestlé Purina, Teads, and Vevo.

“Knowing that media channels are not just lifting brand equity measures but also getting people down the funnel with our brands has been really important for us and a really rich way to look at campaign performance beyond just the historical brand lift,” said Emily Weishaupt, Communications Insights Manager, Nestlé Purina.

“As the world’s leading music video network, it’s critical that we have the right tools to prove the value of our content and how we can drive key client KPIs,” said Maegan Nevins, Director of Analytics, Vevo. “DISQO’s Outcomes Lift has helped us show the specific behavioral impacts that happen post ad exposure on Vevo, expanding our measurement toolkit.”

DISQO’s CX intelligence platform passively measures more than 1B customer journey touchpoints monthly. With consented visibility into the underlying behaviors driving outcomes, marketers can better engage with prospective and existing customers and optimize campaign ROI. Outcomes Lift empowers advertisers to future-proof their measurement against new platform silos and ad formats, as well as identifier technology disruptions down the line.

“Outcomes Lift illuminates the pervasive blind spots that existed even before the deprecation of cookies and other outdated identifiers,” said Stephen Jepson, EVP, Advertising Effectiveness, DISQO. “Our Brand and Outcomes Lift products are setting the bar in ad measurement because, rather than stitching together workarounds from incomplete data sources, we’ve invited people to share their experiences passively and directly through our platform.”

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