Customer Data Platform

The Dummies Guide to Customer Data Platforms

The Dummies Guide to Customer Data Platforms

Marketing technology has been shown to increase lead conversions and average deal sizes as well as improve forecasting and customer segmentation. But a martech stack is only as good as the data going through it. A critical foundation of the martech stack has emerged from big data best practices – the customer data platform. It focuses on uniting, analyzing and activating customer and prospect data in a totally holistic way.

This eBook demystifies in straightforward terms customer data platforms and how they can empower marketers – to leverage valuable data and handle the segmentation that will enable better, more efficiently targeted marketing. Learn to integrate data from all sources, segment a buyer profile, create optimal buyer models, and much more.

This guide:

  • Covers working with data that historically has been tough to unify
  • Describes how marketers can control the data themselves without IT help
  • Gives strategies for automation to reach buyers in optimal ways to make a brand loved by customers
  • Includes case studies that prove the value of a customer data platform

The Enterprise Customer Data Platforms For Dummies is the ideal guide to get you up and running on the critical foundation to activate data for cutting edge marketing campaigns and ultimately enhance your competitiveness.

Download the Report : Link.

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