Enquire and Roobrik Integrate to Make Digital Connections More Personal, Powerful and Timely

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Enquire, a leading provider of cloud-based CRM, marketing automation and sales contact center solutions for senior living and post-acute organizations, today announced a new integration with Roobrik, a recognized innovator of human-centric, decision tools for age-related health and care decisions.

The most successful senior care providers focus on developing authentic relationships at every stage, in service to older adults and their families. Roobrik’s integration with Enquire is designed to make that easier, providing timely guidance and giving sales and marketing teams family-focused data and simple transparent management tools.

“We’re seeing two big themes with senior living communities and their marketing in 2019,” said Nate O’Keefe, CEO of Roobrik. “First, communities are striving to put families first — not just in person – but in every aspect of digital marketing. And second, companies like Enquire and Roobrik, are stepping up to make sure that all of these systems talk to each other to help sales and marketing teams focus on and better serve everyone that’s reaching out to them.”

In about four minutes, Roobrik’s online engagement platform guides users through a friendly, conversational assessment, which uses sophisticated algorithms to provide personalized, clinically-informed recommendations to seniors and their families. By integrating Roobrik with Enquire’s fully-customizable CRM, these personalized reports can be easily shared directly senior living providers.

Enquire’s robust CRM functionality provides sales with instant access to these highly-qualified prospects. Once populated into the Enquire CRM, the data from Roobrik enables sales teams to take a personalized approach with each prospect.

“Our customers’ sales teams live in their CRM,” said Erin Hayes, Enquire Chief Revenue Officer. “When a new Roobrik lead pops up, or gets added to an existing prospect record, the sales team immediately has all of the additional information provided. This gives them detailed insight into motivations and concerns to better assist the family in their search.”

Hayes continued, “As senior living sales teams are facing increased competition every day, integrating with a tool like Roobrik that allows them to be more successful in their roles is exciting. Sales teams that have qualified prospects are not only more effective – they are happier!”

“As senior living providers see growing numbers of Sales-Qualified Leads (SQLs) from their websites, it’s critical that those leads don’t fall through the cracks. When providers start using Roobrik, they get 20-40% more online leads; Enquire ensures that they flow right into the workflow, to the sales advisors that can help most,” concluded O’Keefe.

Based in Durham, NC, Roobrik is the leading provider of online tools to help people make difficult health and care decisions, particularly for issues related to getting older and caregiving. Their innovative platform combines medical decision science with new models for digital engagement to help families get answers throughout the continuum of care. Roobrik partners with leading local, regional, and national senior care providers, as well as leading advocacy organizations like UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and AARP. To find out more about Roobrik’s decision tools, visit

Enquire is the premier CRM, marketing automation and contact center solution provider in senior living and post-acute care. Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, Enquire serves senior living communities and healthcare facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Enquire’s vision is to improve the experience for prospects and family members through customer service centric products paired with cutting-edge technology and analytics. To learn more about Enquire’s solutions.

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