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Equifax Launches OptimaHub Bolstering Marketing Measurement Capabilities

Multi-Touch Attribution and Customer Journey Analytics Help Brands Optimize Campaign Performance and Measure a Customer's Economic Impact on Their Business

Equifax (NYSE: EFX), a global information solutions provider, today launched OptimaHub™, a new marketing measurement capability that will help brands optimize their campaign performance through multi-touch attribution and customer journey analytics using insights beyond other measurement capabilities in the market.

“Too often, marketing KPIs stop at the acquisition of a new customer,” said Christian Bartens, marketing measurement leader at Equifax. “OptimaHub enables us to elevate marketing measurement to the next level and consider the acquired customer’s long-term profit potential in the ROI equation. In addition, unlike other measurement solutions, OptimaHub leverages the Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to uniquely and strategically analyze customer touchpoints in relation to one another and the sequence in which they occur.”

“OptimaHub’s powerful technology and analytics approach to attribution, paired with Equifax’s unique consumer economic insight, provides marketers with deeper intelligence not currently available. This is a major breakthrough, and we are excited to offer marketers insights on a customer’s potential economic impact on their business,” said Mykolas Rambus, general manager, Data-driven Marketing at Equifax. “Marketers across all industries are increasingly being pressured to prove campaign ROI and marketing value, and we’re thrilled to provide them with a differentiated measurement solution that not only helps prove the value, but also the likely financial impact expected from their customers.”

As brands increasingly seek a complete understanding of the customer journey, OptimaHub’s cross-channel, people-based analytics and marketing attribution capabilities will also help brands understand the full impact that marketing actions have on customer behavior and loyalty, across the lifetime of a customer.

This powerful combination is why only OptimaHub can help marketers:

  • Measure and value the contribution of every touchpoint on the customer journey to point of purchase and beyond.
  • Know both the positive and negative impact of each individual touchpoint and see if it is moving the buyer forward towards purchase, or acts as a barrier and pushes them backward.
  • Get the full picture of all marketing efforts by tracking paid, earned and owned touchpoints across digital and physical channels, as well as tying together offline and online sales.
  • Identify less effective channels and touchpoints and reallocate media spend where it drives the most impact.
  • Improve strategic planning through more detailed forecasting of spend and revenue.

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