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GLS US Launches New Website to Enhance Customer Experience

The Digital Transformation Will Help the Company Better Serve Customers' Shipping Needs
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Today, GLS US, a full-service logistics provider specializing in parcel and freight delivery services to states across the Western US, announced that it launched a redesigned version of its website. Featuring an entirely new layout and new site feature with improved technology that offers a range of benefits for users. Furthermore, its refreshed look and feel will help GLS US maintain its position as a leader in the logistics industry across the Western United States.

Of the company’s announcement, GLS US Chief Technology Officer Matt Giarratani commented, “Website technology improves every year across dozens of industries, and it was simply a no-brainer for GLS US to harness these innovations to enhance the company’s existing services—and prove to customers that we are the best option for them to choose from. We’ve implemented a series of improvements with this redesign that allow us to better serve them, including better communication resources that will improve our ability to resolve customer aGLS US Launches New Website to Enhance Customer Experiencend technical support requests. Moving forward, GLS US aims to implement upgrades like these to increase our brand recognition and become a household name in the shipping industry.”

The company’s updated website offers various state-of-the-art features for a secure, reliable customer experience.

  • Shipping page: In this section, visitors can do everything they need to enjoy a seamless shipping experience without ever talking to a sales person. Options include a shipping rate and time calculator, label creation, a drop box locator, time-in-transit maps, pickup scheduling, and more.
  • Tracking page: Customers who’ve already sent a package or are expecting a delivery can review its location with this simple tool. By providing their tracking number, visitors can trace progress for both parcel and freight shipments.
  • Solutions page: Companies interested in partnering with GLS US can examine its various shipping solutions here, from government to law firm integrations to specialized wine shipping solutions.
  • Support page: GLS US customers can log into their account at any time to track their packages, schedule pickups, calculate rates/transit times, and more. Additionally, they may reach out to the company via its chat support feature to resolve issues.

“We couldn’t be prouder to present this digital transformation to our clients,” said company President Steven Bergan. “For any shipping need, there truly isn’t a better resource on the market than GLS US.”

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