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customer experience services
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Why Listening to the Voice of the Customer Is a Must for Your Brand

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are becoming more popular because of their tremendous impact on a company. VoC summarizes …
Cookie Loss
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How Third-Party Cookie Loss is Inspiring Innovation For Four Companies

The impending third party cookie loss has sent many companies scrambling to find alternative methods and solutions to make up …
social media marketing
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How to Use Media Measurement the Right Way

A critical skill today’s digital marketers should have is the ability to measure social media campaigns. Virtually every business is …
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Increasing Your Company’s ROI Through Automation Without Compromising Personalization

Every business leader knows that faster innovation backed by digital adoption and technological advancements is the catalyst to improve productivity …
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Privacy, Consent, and the Value Exchange–Oh My!

Privacy has become synonymous with good customer experiences, which means it is integral to the marketing strategies that brands design. …
social media influencers
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The Creator Economy Is the Economy for 2023 and Beyond

The creator economy is rapidly becoming synonymous with “the economy” as c are gaining more equity within companies. In the …
Event Marketing
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Event Marketing Strategies That You Might Not Have Heard About Before

These days, for a live event to be properly advertised, marketers need to get creative. This means coming up with …
Customer Data Platform
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6 Reasons Why Customer Data Platforms Are Critical Now

Customer data platforms are critical now, more than ever before, for companies to improve customer experiences, unlock business advantages, and …
Marketing technology
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5 Ways to Use Marketing Technology to Improve Your Business

Marketing technology is accelerating the growth of all kinds and sizes of businesses drastically. Discover 5 ways to use this tech to improve your business!
marketing strategies
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How to Market During a Recession

Discover effective marketing strategies to navigate a recession. Learn how to reach your audience and maintain sales with these expert tips. Read more now!
Influencer Marketing
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How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign in Magento

Looking to boost your brand's reach and engagement? Learn how to create an influencer marketing campaign in Magento, a powerful e-commerce platform.