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HubSpot Launches HubSpot Agency Directory Around the World

HubSpot Launches HubSpot Agency Directory

HubSpot Agency Directory permits any Inbound-Certified Agency to List Their Services at no cost to attract additional Leads

HubSpot, one of the topmost CRM, marketing, sales, and client service platforms, declared the launch of the HubSpot Agency Directory, a brand new free offering which will facilitate agencies market their business and attract a lot of inward leads. The new platform is extending the current directory from HubSpot which was only offered to HubSpot agency partners and serves more than 700 listings.

Agencies pay the overwhelming majority of their time delivering services for their users, however typically struggle to dedicate time to promoting themselves. Sales will present an excellent larger hurdle – marketers aren’t salespeople, after all. In fact, in keeping with a recent report from RSW/US, 69 of agencies say their biggest challenge is breaking through to prospects. The HubSpot Agency Directory is aimed at solving many issues by providing agencies the resources they have to prevent worrying about sales and marketing stuff and concentrate on serving their clients.

Brian Halligan, co-founder, and CEO of HubSpot said that their mission is to help a number of businesses including agencies, expand more. That’s why they are opening up their directory to each and every inbound-certified agency around the globe. He said that being listed on HubSpot means getting exposed to thousands of potential customers checking out the directory every now and then. He also added that they know agencies spending countless hours supporting their customers and this is an opportunity for HubSpot to give them the resources they were waiting to grow better.

Benefits for agencies registering with a free directory listing are:

  • They will be found by HubSpot’s more than 44,500 clients covering more than 100 nations.
  • Association with HubSpot which a world-class brand and their support.
  • Enhanced traffic from more than 15,000 users of HubSpot’s Agency Directory every month.
  • A free HubSpot account, which allows access to Hubpot’s CRM and Academy’s free certifications from HubSpots.

Kipp Bodnar, CMO of HubSpot mentioned that the advantages of registering for an Agency Directory listing are twofold. Agencies who register with us will get an access to a whole new source of inbound leads together with HubSpot’s comprehensive Academy lessons too. He also said that this facility of the directory will find new clients for agencies around the world and also, they will have the tools and resources they need to really boost their marketing. HubSpot is investing in the expanding their directory with the only aim of becoming the online designation for agencies to find the correct clients and achieve their growth goals.

To be listed, every agency should complete HubSpot Academy’s inbound Certification and register for a free HubSpot account. Every listing into the directory will include user reviews, general budget parameters, links to contact the agency, industry specialities and certifications.

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