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Applications to undergo subsequent inspections before attaining access to Facebook’s Marketing API

Facebook's Marketing API

According to the latest updates to the app developer platform from Facebook, it is now establishing latest review processes for some Application Programming Interfaces.

It was this Monday, that Facebook, a social networking giant, declared its series of updates to the application developer platform whereby its changing the review process. This has been a recurring act since it dismissed the company, Cambridge Analytica for taking inappropriate advantage of the user’s data. Due to what this company did in 2015, Facebook intends to make modifications to their application developer platform.

It is being said that all the applications will now have to pass through special review processes in order to get an access to the Application Programming Interfaces of Facebook. Application Programming Interface facilitates the developers to automate and integrate their apps with marketing functionality.

Earlier in April, it was announced that Facebook was planning on ensuring a method that would only allow the approved partners to avail the live API’s.

A few days back, an app called Graph API explorer was declared obsolete for allowing developers to carry test queries. As per our recent updates, developers will now have to utilize the access tokens of their own applications to carry test queries.

Facebook has already taken a step to discard the issue by dismissing Trending topics, Trending API’s.

As per our sources, it is also going to suspend the Topic Insights, Topic search and Public Figure APIs on the 1st of August, this year. This crucial step has been taken by the Facebook authority due to the low usage and adoption of these API’s. In fact, a toolkit called the Profile Expression Kit that made sharing of photos and videos possible for the developers from the app as profile pictures on Facebook, is rumored to be discarded on the 1st of October

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