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Adobe Scan App will convert a business card to smartphone’s contact

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A good news for all those who are tired of carrying bundles of business cards! Adobe Scan App uses AI to capture business cards details and convert it into your mobile phone’s contact.

The Abode Scan App is powered by Adobe Sensei technology and has been modified so that it not just scans the business card details but is even capable to turn them into digital contacts and save on IOS and Android devices.

The app recognizes the business card when it is placed in front of the phone’s built-in camera. It uses the phone’s flashlight to give the perfect scan, and when it deciphers the business card details, a “save contact” button appears on the screen. Just by tapping on the option, all the information present in the card like name, phone number, email, photo (if any), etc are saved to your device’s contact list. Mobile Marketing

The Adobe Sensei is an AI and ML tool that is used for automating several services of the company. It has its application in Creative Cloud where it allows editing of videos and pictures, and in Document Cloud where it offers the facility of digital signature and accessibility for the visually impaired people.

The Adobe Scan App is even capable to rotate the directions of the content and apply optical character recognition (OCR). It hides all the dark shadows and crops the holder’s finger.

Adobe has also enhanced Adobe Document Cloud’s partnership with Microsoft 365 which can now turn your device into a portable document format (PDF) scanner.

This partnership has also introduced an option to edit the portable document format (PDF)  files of Adobe from the ribbon of Microsoft versions like the word, excel, powerpoint, etc but only for the premium customers. The commercial customers also have the advantage to change the font, layout, etc of their Adobe PDF files within the Microsoft versions.

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