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Hustle Debuts Conversational Video Platform

New Solution Helps Brands to Break Through Noise with Person-to-Person Conversations in Most Engaging Video Formats

Short-form video has become the catalyst for the most engaging human-to-human interactions today, made popular by social platforms like TikTok. To help brands leverage this viral format to forge meaningful connections, Hustle, the leading person-to-person text messaging platform, today launched its Conversational Video Platform – a comprehensive suite of solutions that leverages short-form video to personally connect brands to consumers, scale communication efforts and deepen trust.

Research has shown that short-form video is the most engaging format among Millennials and Gen Z. As video content is being prioritized across social and advertising platforms, businesses and organizations are trying to break through an overabundance of advertising and marketing content. With Hustle’s Conversational Video Platform, organizations will be able to repurpose their most successful video content, personalize it and share it directly with their most valuable audiences via text, instead of being solely at the mercy of the algorithms.

“The new rules of customer experience place video at the center, delivering easily digestible content that connects emotionally – we call this Conversational Video,” said Liz Ritzcovan, chief revenue officer at Hustle. “Hustle is first to market in paving the way for brands to bring their message to life through Conversational Video, forging human-first connections and compelling people to take action.”

In addition to Broadcast and P2P messaging, the Hustle Conversational Video Platform includes three new tools that power the use of video in text messaging:

  • Clips: attach embedded video files up to 30 seconds in length to messages that recipients can play directly within their messaging app
  • Personalized Clips: record personalized, embedded video clips for every individual recipient and include them in the body of the text message
  • Stories: create, send and track performance of video Stories (up to 5 minutes in length), capitalizing on more authentic video content

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