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LevelJump Announces Outcome-Based Sales Enablement For Go-to-market Teams

LevelJump, a sales enablement solution for go-to-market teams, today announced the release of Outcome-Based Enablement

LevelJump, a sales enablement and readiness solution for go-to-market teams, today announced the launch of Outcome-Based Enablement.

Sales enablement is experiencing a renaissance. Analysts are stating sales automation and enablement is the third wave of sales and marketing alignment as companies progressively need to distinguish on buyer-customer experience. However, the function is struggling to communicate its value at the executive level.

David Bloom, Founder and CEO of LevelJump said “Organizations are bought into enablement as a strategic investment, but lack visibility into the business outcomes. So we’ve flipped enablement on its head. We’re approaching the challenge outcome-first, using sales results to drive the enablement agenda.”

Presenting Outcome-Based Enablement

LevelJump guides venders to achievement accomplishment shows officials business results, and reveals experiences empowering agents can use to improve programs for income results. Fabricated 100% on Salesforce, LevelJump conveys go-to-advertise arrangement by transforming your CRM or sales automation CRM into a business enablement war room.

Raymond King, Global Sales Enablement at Egnyte said “We’re seeing strong outcomes. Being built in Salesforce has really gotten our sales managers on board.” And that adoption’s delivering results since utilizing LevelJump’s Outcome-Based Enablement, Egnyte has seen a 73% decrease in time-to-first meeting and an 86% decrease in time-to-first opportunity, with sellers closing their first deal 91% faster than historic benchmarks.

LevelJump’s Outcome-Based Enablement features include:

  • Embedded sales milestones: Embed milestones like activities completed, opportunities piped, and deals closed, automate their achievement, and correlate program performance to business-critical metrics.
  • Revenue Attribution Metrics: Track the effect of enablement on seller performance over time in a single dataset.
  • Outcome Analytics: Discover success patterns of top performers by visualizing milestone achievement to optimize for revenue KPIs.

“I’ve never worked with a vendor who’s built the level of partnership that we have with LevelJump,” says Raymond.

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