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Marketing Automation Platform SproutLoud Acquires Strategic Fuse

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SproutLoud, a leader in Distributed Marketing software solutions, announced today that it has acquired Strategic Fuse, a Chicago-based trade fund management agency.

As part of the transaction, Strategic Fuse clients converted their channel incentives to SproutLoud’s funds management system, with opportunities to add advanced channel marketing technology and services in one platform.

SproutLoud’s funds management system enables brands to achieve better results with Co-Op Advertising. SproutLoud tracks Co-Op Marketing funds, MDF and other funding options that brands offer their networks of distributed partners in local markets. Using customizable easy-to-navigate marketing analytics dashboards, brands have greater visibility on the results of their marketing spend. Brands also have access to cost-saving claims management solutions. SproutLoud can replicate and simplify a brand’s existing claims and reimbursement system, within the platform, saving the brand up to 50% on claims processing costs. SproutLoud’s platform also offers instant co-pay options, designed to encourage and incentivize partners to participate in brand-preferred Co-Op Advertising offers. For brands that choose to transition from claims to instant co-pay, or allow both options within the same network, the SproutLoud platform includes change management features that mitigate any risk or disruption to their networks.

New and existing brand clients have the advantage of SproutLoud’s consolidated operation to promote, track and report on marketing programs. Increased visibility to all stakeholders enables better coordination between local, regional and national marketing programs and campaigns. With SproutLoud, brands receive enhanced marketing automation technology, services and efficiencies coupled with the experience and expertise to serve vast client networks.

“It’s been a smooth and seamless transition with Strategic Fuse, which is now fully converted to SproutLoud’s software platform and product lines,” said Gary Ritkes, President of SproutLoud.

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