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Marketing Strategy for Finn- Digital Mobile Banking App

Digital Mobile Banking App

Chase has recently launched Finn, a mobile banking app for the iOS users in the United States. It is the first step of marketing the brand on a national scale. Chase was testing Finn in St. Louis since October 2017. The brand would help the younger, digitally-native users with their banking operations. It is in confirmation with the iterative approach to products typical of start-ups is finding its place in big banks.

According to Matt Gromada, managing director and chief product owner for Finn, “We want to learn beyond St. Louis, and understand how prospective customers feel about this offering, do they find it valuable, and how much are they using it, and how do we think about the evolution of this product — we need to learn those things before general availability.”

Chase wants to incorporate the experiences it has achieved during its pilot project in St. Louis in serving the audience of digitally-comfortable iOS users. It has gained three significant insights from St. Louis experiment. The company now understands autosave is a priority for the banking customers. Customers trust Finn since an established player like Chase supports this product. 24-Hours customer support system is essential and can replicate most of the functions of a conventional bank.

Chase has confirmed that the current iOS rollout of Finn should not be taken as a gesture of wrapping up the test phase of Finn. The company would continue to meet the potential customers every three weeks to discuss the utility of the product. The marketing plan for Finn would base on paid social media ads keeping in mind the entirely digital, mobile-first customers.

Gromada further added, “Our goal is to be as nimble with our marketing as possible, such that we are constantly learning from customers across the end-to-end experience of Finn.” Chase’s vision in uplifting Finn is a proof of how banks are quickly releasing minimally-viable products which are currently in “works in progress” mode to aid the customers. This is a new approach which is currently finding its way into the banking ecosystem.

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