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How Should the Retailers Deal with Gen Z Consumers?

Retailers Deal with Gen Z Consumers

Here is a blog exclusively for the retailers in dealing with Gen Z consumers. The first thing which you should keep in kind while coping with Gen Z is they spend much time on their smartphones than any other generations. They spend approximately eleven hours in a week checking their mobiles.

The second important characteristic of Gen Z is they prefer to watch and listen from the web. This section of the population streams around 22 hours of video content every week. Now the last important fact is Gen Z appraise real-world retail for experience and revelation. 77 percent of Gen Z prefers online shopping while 80 percent of this population wishes to shop in the store whenever they have ample time. These findings are based on Gen Z Report, compiled by commerce marketing technology company, Criteo.

The report assessed the nature of Gen Z population in term of their shopping perception and came up with the finding that this vital section of shoppers loves to shop from real-world retail stores amplified by technology. This report also made a revelation about the behaviors expectations and spending power of Gen Z population.

The report found that both online and off, Gen Z love to shop consumer electronics goods and spend an average of $220 online and $169 offline in around six months period. Criteo conducted this survey based on thousands of Gen z members from the countries like the US, Germany, UK, France, Japan, and Brazil. The marketing technology company wanted to comprehend the motives of shopping for Gen Z and their retail expectations.

According to Alexander Gösswein, Regional Managing Director Central Europe, MEA and Russia, Criteo, “In the Middle East, youth under 24 years of age make up about half of the total population, providing immense opportunities for retailers and marketers. The same set of rules that worked with millennials don’t apply to this generation, with the prime difference being that Gen Z embraces physical shopping again, supported by the use of technology.” He further added, “Retailers must, therefore, target this mobile-focused generation with a highly personalized ad experience and take a powerful omnichannel approach to address evolving consumer behavior and needs.”

So, this was, in brief, the findings of Gen Z shopping experience.

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