Marketpoint CRM 3.0 launched, features CRM-as-a-Service

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Marketpoint, the global pioneer of CRM solutions has announced the launch of Marketpoint CRM 3.0. Marketpoint CRM 3.0 is a cloud-based CRM solution that can be used for out of the box implementation or can be customized according to the unique needs of the clients. This new version 3.0 features the functionality of complete integration with marketing automation solutions and platforms, Zuant, and Microsoft Outlook. It also has a mobile lead capture system that works for managing the leads since their inception to their closing, while giving full marketing visibility into the POI of the campaign. The martech news arena features another creative update within the martech industry.

The Marketplace CRM has been the go-to solution globally for marketing and sales professionals for more than 30 years and is also being deployed by market leaders such as Honeywell, Civica, and Volvo. Peter Gillett, the founder, and CEO of Marketpoint stated that the decision of unveiling this new version of CRM 3.0 during the ongoing pandemic was a tough one, but it was also intentional and strategic. According to Peter, bringing this solution to the marketplace at such a time will give the forward-thinking companies a competitive edge and advantage by supporting them in creating and nurturing relationships with their customers when the global commerce will resume.

This new version of Marketplace CRM 3.0 features affordability, ease of use as well as support levels that are capacious enough for accommodating specific requirements of the clients.

This version also includes secure GDPR user access and database profiling and management for targeted campaigns. Other features and functionalities include visual lead tracking and qualification, a sleek user interface for optimizing usability and enhanced performance along with real-time sales forecasting and marketing reports.

This solution has been entirely re-written from the ground up so that it could incorporate a layered and modern approach.

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