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Martech company Service Direct makes the announcement of the launch of its new client experience platform mySD

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A digital marketing company, Service Direct, that provides services to local businesses, has made the announcement of launching mySD, its new client experience platform. This platform delivers improved lead management, performance insights in real-time and smart campaign optimization. The company has made this platform available for its Pay Per Lead program clients exclusively martech news.

Service Direct is an Austin based company that has helped several local service businesses grow by generating exclusive and high quality leads for them across North America. The company offers Pay Per Lea advertising solutions to these businesses, which is a low-risk yet effective and transparent way of getting new customers.

mySD is designed with the aim of empowering the clients of Service Direct with the provision of clarity of the campaign and to enable them to leverage the company’s smart advertising service technology in order to provide optimization of the campaigns leading to improved and enhanced performance.

The CEO and Co-founder of Service Direct, Brian Abernethy made a statement saying that the launch of this new platform is the company’s commitment towards its clients to resource them with a better, more valuable and more intuitive experience. The aim of Service Direct with this launch has two aspects – the first is that the of converting a call to a customer will be made easier as much as possible and, second is that they will be delivering campaign optimization in real-time, facilitating the generation of an increased number of leads that are better in quality, for their clients.

Service Direct has opened the doors for the professional service businesses as well as home businesses in North America with this announcement, to schedule a demo session free of cost for this new platform. The company is expecting to catch the eyes of services and businesses that want to grow and expand with a lower risk path of advertising digitally in this competitive marketplace of local digital advertising.

The competitive marketplace of martech is at a high-rise, not just in North America, but all over the world. To be informed about how things are shaping the emergence of new solutions, follow the martech cube. Martech cube is the publishing site that keeps you updated about the latest trends and on-goings in the martech industry, regularly.


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