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Martech Cube launches its latest Marketing automation Buyer’s Guide

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Martech Cube, a leading Martech publisher and services firm, has released its latest marketing automation buyer’s guide, A Thorough And Dissected Analysis To Selecting The Right Marketing Automation Platform 2020, an aggregation of several shortlisted factors that can deliver significant business value to the tech clients.

The carefully curated and segmented list of solutions addresses the hierarchy of choice of any particular Buyer and channels these choices into different segments based on both priority and relevancy. For this, they have made use of several customer use-cases with particular outcomes that can fulfill the need of the Buyer on the whole. Based on the use-cases, the Martech Cube’s b2b Marketing automation Buyer’s guide has tried to shortlist a few factors and a few vendors who stand out in the marketing automation arena. It is aimed to best serve the client’s decision-making process.

From defining marketing automation to discussing the prerequisites to the b2b marketing automation vendor selection to unique aspects and core competencies of a marketing automation platform over other marketing software to discussing the industrial use-cases and outcomes, A Thorough And Dissected Analysis To Selecting The Right Marketing Automation Platform 2020, comprises of 8 core parts which have been subjected to several use-cases, customer reviews, factor research and marketing data accumulated over the years.

The segmented 8 parts of the Buyer’s Guide comprises of :

Part 1: Introduction to Marketing automation

The following module of three slides discusses the basics of marketing automation consisting of an overview and significance from the customer point of view

Part 2: Need for Marketing Automation

Decoding the need for marketing automation through the customer’s perspective. A detailed go-through on the factors that need to be checked on the buyer’s end to ease out the buying process for them.

Part 3: Implementation and need An Overview Checklist

Part 4: Questions for consideration for selecting a new marketing automation platform

Marketing automation vendors differ on a vast frequency, hence it is extremely important to ask yourself some pertinent questions before diving into the vast market. The upcoming slide decodes some of the most prevalent questions that must be considered before going ahead with a buying decision.


Insights for Modern Marketers MARTECHCUBE These 10 profiles are selected as per several factors in consideration which prove to be poignant for a Buyer across several stages of a Buyer’s Journey. These 10 profiles are further segregated as per their highlights and fit for the buyer as per the company size.


This section contains the segregations of marketing automation vendors as per company sizing. It also analyses and touches base upon the factors that should be in consideration for buyers as per the company size before opting for any particular marketing automation vendor.


It contains the top 3 picks in categories that are secondary to the most crucial factors for a Buyer’s consideration. These can be considered pivotal on a secondary level and hence are “honorable mentions” for this Buyer’s Guide series. These are the factors that extend and increases the sense of ease and decision making for a Buyer.


The ultimate top 3 vendors which have strived through all mentions and all categories discussed and dissected.

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